Speed ​​reading tips: Mastering mindset for speed reading success

Speed ​​to read success requires you to understand and embrace certain features of your mind if you are successful. Due to the radically different approach and necessary new behavior, an unprepared student can easily give up. Instead of responding to these untimely emotional responses, rapid reading requires success that we appreciate the natural response of our minds to new and different ways to behave and do something about it.

Our humans have a strong tendency to withstand most changes, especially if it requires additional conscious effort. A conscious effort requires increased energy that our unconscious mind wants to avoid.

How it works for some new learning to read speed goes something like this: We start being excited about the potential of our success in reading easily at our many times our usual speed. We start learning a few methods. The methods are radically different from the many reading experiences we have had. We get frustrated. We could even try the exercises again, but you still have difficulties. Then our thinking thinks, "I can not do this." Otherwise, we might think: "This does not work."

There may be another internal negative self-perception experience. The point is that we are giving up the part of our mind that is an immune change. So we stopped practicing ourselves.

Finally, nothing changes.

Do not let this happen. Knowing how to grow your mind with the change process can turn revenue into you.

Marvin Minsky, in his book "Society in Mind", talks about "joy to learn." He says that "in the early stages of gaining some new skills, one must accept at least a perfectly pleasing attitude." For example, when initially frustrated and less effective, you might say to yourself: "Good, this is an opportunity to experience discomfort and new mistakes!"

Think about the last sentence. Do you like to experience discomfort and mistakes? Most people try to avoid it. However, the champion gained mistakes and inconveniences because they know it is the way to a temporary facility. Some parts of the mind find it awful while others enjoy compelling the first part to work for them. A person who has achieved significant growth knows and appreciates this spiritual joy. Any worth of skills usually requires this mental mindset.

What about you? Can you receive the joy of study to master the speed of reading? Without it you will not succeed and will likely be buried with the information you need to digest for your future success.


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