Speed ​​Reading Tips – How to Understand Passages Better

It does not matter what you are reading, you can browse through the dun and fillers if you know how to do it. If you practice enough, you can see what you need to read and what parts you can simply skip. It's the intention of this article to show you how to do it all while improving your reading comprehension too.

One thing you can do to get a general idea of ​​what you read is to view the page you are reading. Take a quick look at the way and see if there are repeat words you see. Typically, words are bold to tell you what the passage is about. When you look at the site like this, when you're ready to read it, you'll know the important things you want to read and what you can let go of.

Try your best not to read sentences too. This just drags you down and prevents you from understanding all the pieces. Rearading sentences are exercises that poor readers do, so you do not want to copy this part of bad readers. Rereading sentences can become a bad habit and usually you do not even have to read a particular sentence. To help you stop restoring, one thing you can do is to take a rule and read each sentence or line with it. You must move the ruler in slow motion, but gradually increase the speed as you proceed.

Another thing you do not want to do is judge words by yourself. When you read yourself like this, it can slow down. Your goal should be to be aware that you make it like it's a bad habit to acquire. What you want to do is see words as soon as you see them. Sometimes it helps to pay more attention to specific keywords and not read others. Or you can try the humming as a way to stop sub-vocalizing. It may be best for you to even put your finger over your lips while reading to help stop your lips.

Use a rule or sheet to help you read. If you want a better speed finder, then this technology will help. This will also help stop restoring words as this is a bad habit to acquire too. Your eyes will follow the movement of the ruler and it will help you move on.

Also stop reading words for words and start reading blocks of words. Every word you read is not important so it's ok to skip some words. You probably do this when you regularly read newspapers. When you read a newspaper you probably do not read all the news sections, but instead you thirst and take only the most important part of the article. You want to do the same here with the speed of your reading.

You must continue to work if you want to see results with your speed resolution. Sometimes you get your skills and you have to read faster than you have ever imagined.

Good luck to become a better speedier.


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