Speed ​​reading tips – how to read faster

Everyone can increase his reading speed, but he has to change his reading habits to do it. Reading is so normal that most of us do not care how we read. Therefore, our reading techniques are not optimal. Most often, we do not even recognize that we have poor train habits. If we could improve our reading, we can improve our reading speed. Most of all, we need to get rid of bad reading habits:

o Read words twice. Most people have developed a habit that while reading text, you will return your eyes from time to time and they will re-read a few words. It is the biggest obstacle to reading speed. If you can get rid of this habit, someone can even double your reading speed by doing that.

o Sub-vocalization. People are used to saying the words while reading it slows them down. Our lips are slower than our eyes. If we learn to read only with our eyes then we can start reading much faster.

o Eye moving from left to right. Everyone is taught to read like this at school. If we read text in this way, we usually get only one or two words with our eyes. If you want to read faster then you need to learn to forgive more words with your eyes, which allows you to move your eyes better than vertically. It can be amazing how this makes you faster reader.

It takes you some time to get rid of these practices. In fact, you must take a quick reading course to develop new reading practices and learn many other ways to improve reading technology. You need to do some work, but it will give you the benefit that you have faster reading speeds for your entire life. Speed ​​reading will be a new habit for you.


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