Speed ​​Reading Tips – How To Avoid Subvocalization

Definition of speed limitation:

Taking into account a fairly broad view of the exact meaning of "speed reading". I consider it a train speed of 500 WPM (words per minute) or faster, up to 2000 WPM At which point I have thought of enjoying or remembering that the text will be near impossible for the majority of English people.

My reference number is convenient and the usual reading speed ranges from 600 to 700 WPM and all my teachers, students, families and friends have difficulty believing I have actually read (article / book / assignment, etc.) on At that speed, so considering the popular perception, I would definitely grab 650 WPM as a speed test.

I've also learned from Ace Reader Pro speed reading software to push up to 1100-1200 WPM if necessary (which has been useful for college reading, personal reading, important reading sections about standardized tests like SAT or ACT, research, and business). I will tell more about Ace Reader Pro later.

Definition of subvocalization:

Subvocalization is a necessary "silent matter", your internal discussion as you read for yourself. We all undergo our own way when we read.

Subvocalizing is both good and bad – it's good in one way, because having a conversation between you and the text is important to understand and remember what you have read. However, in case of preventing speed reading, avoiding or minimizing sub-yields should be avoided.

The most harmful versions of subvocalization are those that involve larger muscle movements – for example, if you are obviously disgusting most of the words you read. This slows down the train speed down to the ratio of your physical speech.

Numbers, or "vocalization", are much slower in communication ideas and detail but reading can be understood by these ideas. Therefore, any significant subvocalization associated with reading speed should be avoided to speak speed.

If you use excessive subvocalization, but want to learn the speed of reading, you must practice to revise your mind in this basic knowledge. Because you've probably taken the "wrong way" for so long, it will take some time and effort to nail down a more efficient and effective image of reading – almost like learning to walk back.

Luckily it's not very hard – it just takes practice. I have two suggestions. One is something you can practice and one is software that uses modern technology to facilitate and quickly overcome subvocalization and improve your reading ability to help you learn fast reading.

Application for subvocalization to read recovery:

Now that we know why we should avoid too much undergrowth if we want to be quicker …

… how can we use new knowledge ours on subvocalization.

If you have trouble fighting incentives to mentally or physically "say" words out loud as you read, it is an exercise for you.

Select medium text that's convenient for your reading skills. Now, select short, simple words that you like. I love the color blue, so the word "blue!"

Now read the words of the text with your eyes when you restore the spiritual "blue … blue … blue …" in your head (make sure the word "blue" is not as you read, or you just strengthens a new bad habit!)

If you start moving your mouth, lips or jaw, take a moment and try again. If you need to change the word after a while, it's fine.

This method can help you to avoid permanent education with about one month of practice hours a day.

Ace Reader Pro Subvocalization Software:

Well, I promised to read a software card that helps prevent subvocalization. Ace Reader Pro is the best trainer software I've used in my years as a student and a teacher. It also comes highly recommended from various sources.

Built-in Ace Reader Pro are some great and effective visual aids to help you reduce your subvocalization and even help you improve your "renewal" skills – which is a fast-paced reading material! (Basically, "withdrawal" is an unnecessary relay that reduces reading your WPM) Ace Reader Pro is even fun for a single study program!

Read all the Ace Reader Pro review through the link below!


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