Speed ​​Reading Tip – Where To Focus On Success

When I was learning how to write, I read an interesting question that relates to speed reading and focus. The question I read was "how do you eat elephant?" The answer to this question was very simple: "one bite at a time." Learning how to take one bite at a time is also an important factor in the success of reading in speed. This article will describe how to achieve this successfully.

In my lifetime I have read about 30,000 different books on a wide range of issues. But it took me a lifetime to accomplish this, and not just a few minutes. You need to go farther than reading faster when using reading speed. Instead, you should focus on learning faster. The first thing you need to do is set your goals. So what goals should you put before you start reading?

My experience has shown that only five goals are sufficient to study virtually any material at a very high level. The first goal is to learn new vocabulary. About 80% of everything you learn involves learning new vocabulary. What words should you learn? Search for words that are bold or in a special font. Word in lists, or words that the writer has drawn your attention at all, always important.

Another thing you need to set goals is to learn the names. The people described in your text. What did they do to deserve in the text? These are very important information, and you need to study it.

The third thing I'm looking for is numbers, statistics, or dates. What is the importance of dates? Why do you need to know? Why is this number appropriate? What does it do? How can you use it. What are these statistics included? What appears or supports it. Always take care of these facts.

Next, you want to look for the four key ideas contained in each section of your text. A part usually falls between the two heads. Headlines function as names in directory folders. All information in the header section is linked in some way. Your job is to determine what is the most relevant item in each of these sections and take notes on the four most important.

The final thing you need to learn is the answers to questions. If a writer thought that the question was enough to ask, then you need to think that the answer is probably very important.

When you focus on these five issues, you have set goals that will lead not only to faster reading but also to a better understanding.


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