Speed ​​Reading Tip: Know how far you need to go

Are you reading the way most read? The way you were taught to read while still in elementary school? Remember how you were told to open the first page of the book, the first chapter, first paragraph, first sentence, and you started reading the first word. This is like most read. You need to know that this is the wrong way to read. This article will teach you how to read correctly and know how far you need to go.

Always read a book, and then find something that was particularly confusing? What happens? You are contemplating what to do next. How can you continue reading when you do not understand what you are watching. Then what happens? You get to the end of the book and what do you find there? An attachment that further focuses on the content that caused you to confuse. It also explains the information in a completely different way. Fashion that helps you understand. However, you are at the end of the book and no longer need to look at this part. If you have read the book correctly then this problem would never have occurred. So what's the right way to read?

The correct way to read text is to start skimming from the beginning to the end of the text. You want to complete the entire text in no more than 10 minutes. While skimming you can not read the information in the book. Skimming allows you to perceive what kind of information you will learn when you start to actually read. Even more important, while skimming you can discover what the book offers you when there is a problem. For example, does the book have any charts, charts, diagrams or pictures? Is there any more at the end of the book? There are questions, glossaries, special fonts or other types of formats designed to draw your attention to more important information. Skimming text is a very important part of knowing how far you need to go before you start reading.

While skimming I'm creating files inside my brain. I am looking for key ideas and how they relate to each other. I'm looking for everything the text offers to make ideas easier to learn. When I know what's coming and what tools I have to learn this information, I can start to speed up reading with confidence. I know where I'm going, and I know how I'm going to get there. Knowing how far you have to go to text before you start reading is a big opportunity for learning and understanding information faster and better.


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