Speed ​​reading – the basic concepts for train speed

If you want to increase your reading speed without losing weight in the field of understanding, keep reading. In this article we will discuss about 3 important things that you should know when it comes to speed reading. They are sub-vocalization, connecting points and finding the meat. After reading this article, you must know what to do and what to avoid improving your reading speed.

Now we will learn more about the above terms.

Sub vocalization

This happens when we say spiritually every word we are reading. Even if we do not open our mouths, we are still saying internationally, and most speed reading programs will tell you to avoid this routine as it slows down the train speed.

As you are reading this, see if you are saying these words internationally. If so, try to stop it and read further. Did you notice anybody? You can not notice the difference immediately if this is the first time, but when you exercise daily, you can see a significant increase in your train speed.

Connect the points:

Our brains have the ability to fill the gaps and make meaning even if we do not have all the information. This is an important concept of understanding the speed of reading. Most of the readers will read the first words in paragraph, drop it a bit and take a few words from line 3, read a few words and then move on to line 6 and so on, but at the end they will try to figure out what is said in the paragraph .

Finding Meat

This is closely related to the above, but instead of picking up a few random words from a particular paragraph, you need to focus on places where you can find the actual meat of the report or paragraph. For example, if you see words like & # 39; and remember … & # 39 ;, & # 39; keep in mind … & # 39; In the paragraph, you know what says something is important and if you see words like "… are best done," & # 39; … no wonder they are popular and then you know what precedes these words is something important. By practicing, you can identify the key ideas in paragraph

Even if you do not want to pick up speed data seriously just knowing the above terms will save you a lot of time. So, the next time you read a book or newspaper try to execute the above terms and see the difference.


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