Speed ​​Reading Technique – how to remember information while reading speed

Perhaps one of the questions I hear most commonly asked by readers' speed is how to remember information while reading. It is common for many people to keep information at high speed. There are some very simple methods that you can easily use to improve your preservation while reading. This article will give you the solutions you are looking for.

Your brain is already designed for high-speed training. Think about how much information you need to work every moment every day. Imagine crossing the city street. You need to detect different cars moving in two directions so you can expect exactly when to cross the street. All this information is processed effortlessly. Still reading a few words in a book can often be challenging. That's why you can work more information than cross the street, it's hard to read a book. It has the first secret to improve your understanding and retention of information.

The main brain processor is visual. More of your brain is a holy vision than another meaning. When you read, use your eyes to listen to the words on the page. You can hear an imaginary voice as it expresses each word separately, and slowly as it spoke loudly for you in your imagination. If you tried to cross the street by listening to all the information that was changing, it would be an impossible task. So how can you start learning more visually during reading?

While on train speeds, it helps to see the information you are reading as you enter a movie theater and monitor the information instead of simply listening to it. If I am reading a biology book, it describes how the heart is able to pump blood through the body. In my imagination, I can see a three-dimensional heart and carefully monitor the blood through each of her rooms. Then when I have to remember what I read, I go back to my picture. I begin to reflect each range as I repeat all the information I saw momentarily before.

Next time you hurry reading a book, start running an imaginary image. Look at the inner eye information flow and play back the information again. You will be surprised how much easier it is to remember and remember information with this technology.


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