Speed ​​Reading Tactics – Can You Read 2000 Words Per Minute?

Recently, someone asked me directly, "can you read 2000 words per minute (wpm)?" Yes, that's possible. Faster is also possible.

It can be read even faster than that. We are not sure how fast we are for men. However, considering that the average final fee for our students is 1600-2000 wpm, and some have read at 24,000 wpm with a 95% sense, then the speed the query asked for is certainly possible.

Having taught tens of thousands of people in the past these skills, I will share 2 most important keys to success. First of all, reading on that rate continuously over the long term will probably not happen at one short meeting. Be wary of offers to teach you how to speed up reading in 16 minutes! You could get an initial boost in speed, but you will not really learn long-term skills. You need to radically change your approach to inserting the text into your mind.

In fact, most "quick reading" applications quickly accelerate your instinctive approach that you have used to read up to this point. This approach is condemned to failure and resentment. Trained speed readers are certainly reading fast, but they do not feel like they are rushing through the subject. Their minds are fully involved.

The first basic key is an effective practice. Practice over a few weeks is necessary for a long time facility. After all, you need to train your brain to work at that speed. Currently, your mind wants to pull you back into the comfort zone of your current routine. It is not used in new methods of perceiving and interpreting the print. Your mind will, however, learn through consistent and correct exercises.

I want to draw your attention to the last paragraph. I said new methods of perceiving and interpreting the print. This indicates an understanding. Now you probably understand the course. Do you know how to understand? There is a process. The process can be learned, although this is the secret of most fast reading programs do not show, or just do not understand. You can get your eyes to print through tens of thousands of words a minute, but do you understand? High speed without understanding is a waste of time.

Another key to success is the system of faith about yourself as a student. Religions are very powerful in the way they rob education. We know this from many areas of performance – intellectual achievements, artistic, sports, etc. What do you believe in your skills to study? The good news is that even if your past has not shown success, you can overcome past achievements and conditions by attaching faith that does not support your growth. What do you think you can study fast reading?


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