Speed ​​Reading Program – Facts You Need To Know About Speed ​​Reader X

If you are studying the rate, you should have heard of the Speed ​​Reader X program. This product has been on the market for several years and has been used as a teaching aid in some upper secondary schools and organizations. In this article, we will give you an honest review as to whether the product is worth your investment or not. For detailed information, we have even tried to use the target system found on the product groups and have been able to get questions answered by Michael Ford, the author of Speed ​​Reader X.

Different versions of Reader X's speed

The product was first launched in 2005 and was only sold as a CD at the time. You will have to wait for the delivery of CDs after you buy it and use the CD to install the software to your computer. According to Michael Ford, there are 10 lessons in the program and average users can complete all lessons for 30 days or less. They should have learned rapid reading technology after completing the program, and can apply and practice when reading.

After the first release of Speed ​​Reader X, there have been 10 version updates. Each upgrade was said to have benefits in different areas, such as usability, training results, etc. Additional bonus of 17,000 books has also been added to the latest version, for the user guide. From what we saw, it looks like mature software that has been climbed over time.

Online version was introduced in 2007 and was sold as an additional CD. The web version does not matter to content from the latest CD, just because it has added built-in audio channels for each lesson. Customers of the web version no longer have to wait for a CD (so they can save shipping) and can start learning immediately after paying. A few months ago, a new module called Ultra Mind Improvement Studio was added, and it is said to focus on understanding the training. It was sold as a paid bonus (said to be limited offer) as well as purchase of the Speed ​​Reader X Online version.

Feedback from Society

For feedback in the community, find out that the software has been used in some schools and organizations, such as Lousiana State University, the US Golf Association, etc. some satisfied users. Some users said they had doubled or tripled their reading speed after learning lesson 3, or something like that. The responses seem to come from different levels of people, from students to experts.

We have not tested the program yet when this article is written, but we must admit that we are very fond of our quick response to our online ticket system. Since a week, we have used the ticket system to raise questions about different aspects, and they can all be answered within a few hours, some within 15 minutes.

Based on the facts above, we think Speed ​​Reader X should be a good speed test to start learning. Of course, there is no assurance that you need to be able to read quickly after learning the program (it may be subject to different factors including personal factors), but it will provide 60 days of money guarantee to the fullest. Everything we see in terms of product history, community tips, support and product prices, is no doubt that Speed ​​Reader X is worth a try.


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