Speed ​​reading methods you can use right now to increase your speed

There are numerous advantages when you learn how to speed up reading. However, there are several faster reading methods that you can use right now to get you along the way to read faster. If you're serious about tripling your reading speed, buy a quick checkout and try between these five methods. This article will review how your hand, map, sweep, jump and loop methods help you increase your reading speed.

The first technique is a hand method and it works by simply using your hand as a guide. As you read down the page you want to keep your hand moving with your reading to focus your eyes on the text. The map system works almost the same way. This is another method. This method has used a card or broken paper as a guide to exclude the words above as you read. This method blocks the words you have already read to prevent reading and your eyes turn around.

The next method is the third is sweeping technology. Small cup your right hand. Hold your fingers together with very light and smooth movements, swing your fingers from left to right. You want to subline the line with the tip of your maximum finger from approx. inch and inch on each line. This method helps you increase your reading speed. Fourth method is hop technology.

The Hop method is a very similar sweeping method but instead of sweeping your fingers across the page you jump to each side as you read. The idea here is that every time you jump you create a focal point that will help you combine groups into three or four groups. The final method of this article is the loop. Loop technology is designed as scanning technology. You can slide your finger down the page on three lines and then return to the next line and repeat. This method is best used with easier reading.


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