Speed ​​reading methods – what are the five things you will ever learn while reading speed?

You know speed dialing is a great way to increase your reading speed. You know that reading faster is important because information is growing on an unprecedented level. You also know that understanding is as important as reading on speed. Unfortunately, most speed reading plans do not provide boost in the sense people are looking for. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. This article will show five things that you will always learn while reading in speed and learning them will significantly increase your understanding.

How often has this occurred? You have a very thick book that you have to read in a very short time. You have no idea what to look for, and even the worst thing to do when you find something that's important. There are actually five things you will find the most while you read to increase your understanding. You must find: (1) new dictionaries words, (2) names of people, (3) numbers, dates and statistics, (4) four main ideas in each section of text and (5) the answers to all the questions are asked by the author. So what exactly should you do with this information?

First, you want to install three column tables in Word, or whatever in the processing application you use on your computer. Go to tables and choose three columns and create about 300-500 rows. The number of rows you create depends on the depth you need to learn and complex content.

Once you have set up your table, you need to mark each column. Mark the first column, the heading, the second column, the note and the third column of the reference. In the first column, you are making a list of all the important new vocabulary words you find in your text. At this point, just write the words down. Next, you must list all the new names in your section. Now scan all relevant numbers, dates, and numbers. Make a list of bold headers that separate the themes and topics in your chapter and finally write down each question that is asked in the section. This includes questions asked at the end of the chapter, as well as some questions asked in the chapter.

Now in the middle of the column you will write down the meaning of each word. Make sure you write down meaning in your own words and do not copy! Next, write down what each person will finish in the section and explain why it's in your book. Next write down the meaning, significance or usage for each number of dates and statistics. Now determine four key issues that fall under each heading in the chapter. Finally answer all the questions. Here's an important point: do it in your own words.

If you know the meaning of each word, person's success, importance for each number, date and statistics, four key elements in each part of your text and the answer to all questions – what else do you need to know? The answer is nothing. You now know something to emphasize while reading or reading reading to improve your understanding.


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