Speed ​​reading – look at elements that prevent rapid reading

You agree with me that you can not get knowledge of vacuum. Books have come from important times to seek and improve their knowledge from the beginning. In fact, books are the perfect way in which individuals can improve their lives. Anyone who is complex in reading and who has accumulated knowledge is always safe and is not shy from debt. However, fast reading is not something that each of us is good at. Some of us have developed bad reading habits that have had a significant impact on our reading speed and our ability to understand not only but also keep what we have read. What are the poor practices that prevent reading on speed?

• Emphasis on reading words for words

You must agree that there are many individuals who focus on reading each word in a sentence. The result of this is that they tend to slow down the speed they read and do not understand what they are reading. When you read word for words, you mostly fail to find the contextual meaning of the sentence. Not every word in the sentence is paid to the maximum. It is therefore important that you do not read one word at a time as it inhibits or slows your train speed.

• Reshuffle sentences or lines

Reports are mostly common in individuals who tend to believe that they may have lost something and go back for a better understanding. This routine slows down train routines and is more often than not informed of lack of confidence or fear that you may have missed something. If you have a tendency to read again, then the likelihood that reading speed is very slow.

• Reading vocabulary or subconscious

Option refers to situations where you read a way to hear oneself that describes words. Sub-vocalization is thought to slow down the train speed as it inhibits the brain's ability to arrange information or understand the information you are reading. What most people do not seem to understand is that the movement of the products has nothing to do with the speed at which the brain pays information. One therefore needs to consider mind centering when reading rather than taking subclasses as it tends to reduce reading speed.

Deactivating bad trainings can be very difficult especially if it's something you've developed for a long time. However, this does not mean that we can not kick away from these habits if we consider it. The ability to read really is something we all aim to do. The first step in breaking the jinx of poor trainers is by attempting to kick away. Start using speed reading technology to increase and improve reading speed today!


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