Speed ​​Reading Increase Upgrade – Powerful Ancient Technique

Speed ​​reading is a powerful tool for finding new information quickly. However, you never want to compromise your understanding with speed. Unfortunately, too many courses focus on speed rather than understanding. Therefore, many who want to benefit from reading faster are avoiding the courses. I have good news. There is a way to both read faster and improve your understanding – at the same time. Best of all, one of the solutions comes from a very ancient and highly reputable source, Aristotle.

Aristotle is well known for his insight on how to write more knowledgeable or understandable text. What many people fail to assess, the same advice applies to study material. Do you know the three basic elements of Aristotle's rhetoric that can help you learn something better? They are called ethos, pathos and logos. When people see these words, they often feel anxious. It looks good. That's because these words are Greek – literally! But they are easy to understand. In this article I will introduce each of these three important factors, and then I will write a separate article about each of them to provide more depth.

The first thing you need to look at when reading text is ethos. Ethos is an imaginary word for proof or evidence. Can you trust the information provided? Where did it come from? What is this source of information worth? While reading many people simply trust that the writer knows what they share. This is a very dangerous assumption.

Other things you need to look at when reading text is a logo. Logos is the fact of supporting the evidence. The logos provide you with insight and understanding of the deeper meaning of the subject you are studying.

Finally, the last thing you need to look at when reading is pathos. How should you find the information that is shared? You need to know the difference between facts, feelings and emotions while you learn. Too often dropping reporters from their feelings and opinions as facts.

Learning to distinguish between these three information within all you learn is the first step to improving your understanding. This is true whether reading at normal speed or during reading. It is much more important to learn these skills than speed reading because information moves so quickly that you can make mistakes in your sense if you do not use these principals properly.


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