Speed ​​reading – Important things to remember about train understanding

If you're like most people interested in reading speed, you're also worried about your reading comprehension. I think the focus should always be on reading comprehension, but not reading speed. Who would you like? Read five times faster with low understanding or preservation, or read 100% faster with excellent understanding and preservation? Most would choose another choice. In this article I will discuss some important things that need to be remembered about understanding understanding.

Everything is not read the same. A children who read a novel wants to enjoy. Surgeon learning new surgery will want to learn every detail in detail. If the child were reading the novel like a surgeon, it would be very little pleasure. If the surgeon was reading like the child, someone would probably be killed. The most important thing to learn about reading comprehension while reading is to set the reading speed to the subject you are studying. Let me give you an example of pleasure reading and when you read it to learn something for you.

The first reading is a pleasure to read. When you're reading for pleasure, you should go fast through the chores that are boring. This will give you more time to savor and enjoy the things you like.

When we read for self-study, things begin to change. First, you want to sharpen the text at a very high speed. You should be able to completely scan the entire book for ten minutes or less. Next you want to read about 90% of your time. Finally, go back and view content that's important to learn about 10% of the time.

Learning to adjust the speed of reading technology when making the reading and study you are looking for is important for understanding the way you are reading while reading. A simple technique described in this article should help you achieve your goal.


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