Speed ​​reading for beginners – The difference between speed reading and skimming

If you are a startup reader, you can be confused with the difference between reading speed and skimming. This is a very common problem. Fortunately, it is easy to learn the difference between these two disciples and this article will provide you with the exact information you need to accomplish this.

First, it is important to know that speed reading and skimming are not otherwise excluded. What do I mean by this? I always start reading the speed of important issues by shuffling through it. So let's see exactly what skimming consists of.

Skimming is very fast reading content in your text. It is moved at very high speed. You should never take more than ten to fifteen minutes to perfectly complete your entire text. This applies to very strict university text such as a chemistry book. For a typical novel, it should not take more than five to ten minutes. Skimming gives you "Fifty-thousand-foot view" of the material.

This "Fifty-thousand-foot View" gives you the big picture. You're fine to learn how the book is put together. Take a look at some of the items that you should look for while on the go. Is the book organized by topics, themes, issues, geography or something else? Is the writer using a special formula to draw your attention to important ideas? What about different fonts, charts, charts, pictures and charts. At the end of each section are specific information. Information such as summary, wordline wording or questions? Why do you do this?

Have you ever been confused while reading a book? Sat for a while, and did not know what to do. Later when you arrived at the end of the book, what did you discover? You discovered an attachment at the end of the book that contained, first and foremost, the information you needed to easily understand the understanding of your book. Unfortunately, you did not know that the information was in the book until you reached the end of the text and then it no longer needed. Skimming provides foresight and prepares the brain to study.

Reading is somewhat different. As you read, you are actually studying the subject in depth. You should learn at least five important things. First, you need to learn new vocabulary. Next, you need to study the names and achievements of the people mentioned in your text. Now look for important numbers, dates, or statistics. Next, find the four key points mentioned in each section of your text, and finally find the answers to all the questions in your text.

When you read in advance using skimming technology, your brain is preparing to study the subject. Reading is where the true learning is experienced. Both skills must be performed, and when done correctly, it will make you a better speed finder.


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