Speed ​​reading expects beginners

Many stand away from learning methods for reading speed data. It's too complicated to learn them. But this is not true. Anyone can learn and use these methods. Here are some simple tips to help you get started with a quick-answer.

  1. Before you start reading something, be sure to damage the contents. Almost all reading materials will have some parts that do not give any information. Even when you read a book, there will be some chapters that you can release without compromising the information.
  2. You can read better and understand better when you are in a relaxed mind. Be sure to be relaxed and free from thoughts that are running in your head so that you can focus on what you are reading.
  3. Try to read in a systematic location. Very disturbing you while reading will limit the train rate as well. If you are obsessed with space or it is difficult to read too much noise, it is desirable to use ear plugs.
  4. All sentences have keywords that are the ones that share the information. Focus on these keywords and you can probably let go of reading other words.
  5. Always looking for the meat & # 39; in the book you are reading. There will be a lot of fineness and skin added to the books to fill it, but the essence of the book will be limited to maybe sixty percent of all words.
  6. Aim is important and equally important to be determined until the goal is reached. Check current reading speed and set much higher than that. Work patiently to achieve it gradually and steadily.
  7. Reading speed is affected by limited vocabulary. Keep improving your vocabulary. Many times tend to read certain words over and over because you do not understand the meaning. Improved vocabulary will help you regain reading speed.
  8. Continue practicing until you become an ax reader. Most of us tend to surrender when we think it has given a little speed in reading. But without exercising carefully until speed reading becomes used to, you are sure to return to your original reading speed.
  9. Focus on what you are reading. A simple tip to improve your focus is to use the index to describe the words you are reading. By moving your finger with the text as you read, you make sure that your eye is not pointing elsewhere.
  10. Improving your peripheral vision also helps improve reading speed. Keeping the audience at a distance from your eyes can increase your eye pressure. You will then be able to see more words in a nutshell. Practice to improve the number of words you see at a glance. As the word obstacles grow in size it will read your speed.


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