Speed ​​reading – Competitive advantage, Darwin and the survival of the smallest

We live in a competitive world. Right and simple, competition exists in some form, from the very beginning of life all the way to the end. To get the best spot in the sandbox, work the car's car, get to college, get the perfect job, find the perfect partner, buy the right house, send the kids to school, go on time and finally start scoring real estate in the cemetery for which you will spend eternity; competitive short and sweet.

Competition comes from friends, classmates, collections, companies, countries and countless other non-"C" routes. In order to compete and succeed, it is necessary to deliver competitive advantage. Based on Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest," the competitive edge is subject to the best practices for a particular environment. In history, these best practices were based on physical properties, but in today's world we gain more strength in the mindset.

We no longer need to survive dinosaurs; rather we compete with our minds. Education is a new feature that has a major impact on our competitive edge. This has changed a lot in recent decades when we leave the industrial age and enter the age of information. The ease of communication and the exchange of goods / services is unlike technological progress in the past. Opportunities are endless.

Imagine being able to process information about 2-3 times higher percentage of adults, which is a normal conservative assessment that many speed-players reach speeds of up to ten times and more. This is an equal game of trains, with ten teams against one. It seems obvious which side will come out to the winner.

Reading speed is very easy to learn, especially with computer technology that has been available in recent years.

Think about how speed response can change your life. Learn something and everything you think about, in less time than anyone else. Expand your education and gain the knowledge needed to succeed in your area. Earn more, save your time and really enjoy reading.

Thank you for reviewing this article and I really hope that it has convinced you at least to look at how to speed up reading. Simply cut your train time in half, can save a month of life in your life.


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