Speed ​​Reading and Distribution – Strange enough They do not mix

I have always been an avid reader of fiction. Even after I decided to complete a degree (the necessary degree of legalization is just absurd), I still used to read for pleasure. – I just had a lot less time for it. I always thought I was a rather quick reader, but I never thought of it like reading speed. While reflecting on why the essay was more effective when I was reading again, word for word, I became curious about the relationship between speed-reading, how it works and why it certainly does not work for any tests.

Just as there are a variety of research papers designed to enable you to arrive online in a test script in five minutes, the internet also seems to contain a plethora of articles on speed reading. I have to admit I was very impressed that Kris Madden would not use any nonsense in 3 minutes and 39 seconds introductory season. If 125-250 words per minute is average for the average, I was getting curious about what my reading rate was.

While you're hard to believe, you're free to read tools on the internet too! Imagine it! In spite of all seriousness, Reader's Edge has imagined a small tool that not only timed how many words you read in a minute, they also provide a multiple-level test at the end to make sure you tried to try to read it.

My first effort delivered truly stunning 839 words a minute, unfortunately I would not forget what I read and my understanding was 31%. I progress through three tests of different difficulties and am happy to know that by the end of the day my average frequency is 459 words per minute. This sounds a little impressive, my cat was impressed, my husband was suspected. The only problem was when a real understanding scored, which in my opinion was quite below average to 63%.

Then I can read quickly and remember a little. Or I could read every word, as we do when we provide our editorial service, and hopefully we will forget about everything. With this in mind, I decided to apply online test teaching to one of the Edge Speed ​​readers. It would just ruin my average … but I was curious about the experiment. So, in addition to finding a grammatical error in the reading, score score in 208 words per minute and 100% understanding. It would probably have been faster if I had not tripled trying this grammatical error but hey … that's what I do.

It seems clear that there is time and place for both activities. If you have a mountain of literature to get through before you can start your project, then speed reading is certainly suitable. However, if you are home and time for the final exam, add "Right Down" to the checklist for justification.


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