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One key factor in learning to achieve goals successfully is to be flawless in observing obligations. The following seven methods will help you to succeed, meet challenging goals and maximize your management and leadership skills.

1. Always write your obligations: After each verbal commitment, write down the next action request. Most of us think we will remember what we promise to do, but research shows that we forget about 75% of what we take.

2. Use one system to fulfill your obligations: Using ONE Notepad, PDA, or written system to take up your commitments will help you be organized and consistent. Most people who use more than one system spend unnecessary time trying to find information and information in different places, wasting time and resources.

3. Ask others to point out when you do not follow: Because we're busy and managing multiple jobs at the same time, we could simply forget to follow through. Create a team of "Track Catcher" that helps keep your responsibility. Avoid using the hackers and maximize how often they can remind you before you need to take seriously the lack of compliance with habits.

4. Do not forget to promise and abandon your commitments: Depending on your individual characteristics, behaviors and motivation, you may or do not want the will to abuse. Most of us have challenging work and home plans and want to succeed well, but sometimes we just can not get everything we want. Promising to follow only those things we know we can help us become great "saviors." A few simple tips include maintaining the day we promise to give something back so that we can have room for unexpected circumstances, asking the person for a complete deadline and creating a login time to ensure that delivery is on track.

5. Quickly Get Everything: When you're getting started early for appointments, meetings and events, you'll have time to collect yourself and build a buffer for unexpected delays or changes that will allow you to be quiet and composite. Also by continuing to appear early in being a person to respect other people and setting a standard to use another person's time and time, make it a habit to start and finish meetings on time for all benefits. If you constantly run late and bop in meetings and appointments late, you may not be as organized as you might be and you understand little or no room for monitoring commitments from previous meetings.

6. Schedule of additional time on your calendar to follow through: If our plans are continuously packed with meetings and events, we leave little or no space for monitoring commitments. Make a meeting of 45 minutes instead of 1 hour and spend 15 minutes between meetings to deal with commitments and actions.

7. Just do it!: Outlines kill the most with experiments and contributions in addition to stress and adrenal insufficiency. While it may feel good at the outset to get a dash from an urgent deadline, in the long run it will drain you from energy and zap your creative juice. Make the habit of "just doing it" and use the feeling to be strategic, one step ahead and simply organized.


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