Self Help: How to Read the Signs for Personal Growth and Life That's All About You

How to Read the Signs for Life All About You (Shortest to Travelers in Life)

Mirabeau was totally lost hopelessly in the depths of the forest. The canyon was so tight that she could not see the sun, just gentle light bulbs that spread on the wood floor. She had been walking for some time. Slowly Mirabeau sank on her knees and felt a wave of desperation rise high and wash over her. She did not know what to do or what to do and she knew that the night was getting closer.

As she kneeled on the wood floor, she deeper desperately raised her eyes on the sky to ask for help. As her gaze rose higher, she realized that extraordinary role. She could swear that the trees were all pointing her branches in the same direction as guiding her. As she held her breath, she also took a small wisdom of breeze in the woods. Mireabeau lets the sound flow through her mind and hear the air whisper, "Follow the symbols". What signs? She was going crazy. Who would believe that a tree might indicate that the wind or the breeze could wisdom if you listen almost enough?

Like Mirabeau, I've often expected life to come with a card or instruction manual (especially after I had children). You know what I mean. The one who tells you on p. 32 How to enable children to get dressed in school in the morning, please tell p. 65 how to coordinate household work between you and your partner on p. 94, what career to choose for your ultimate achievement and p. 113 How to describe the problem with your car with a mechanic without having to make an embarrassing noise. Then slowly, I was constantly receiving messages and signs and I just had not noticed them.

I've found that the three main ways that messages and signs are left for you include 3M:

  1. Meditation : Turn off and allow the answers to come to you. (I'm not always very good at this).
  2. Message : To be open to see, hear or find the messages delivered every day.
  3. Metaphors : Learning to rule the symbols of life. (This is fun).

Interpret the message and the symbols you receive from 3 M must have healthy humor, a cup of creativity and the ability to laugh at yourself and life (sometimes lots).

1. Meditation

Pondering and relaxing not only helps you hear and see messages, it also helps in the inner world, as well as maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

If you meditate on and have access to the low brain, you will not only give your brain an opportunity to compensate for the drainage of sodium and potassium levels caused by mentally challenging days. You must also remove content that affects neurotransmitters that increase problem solving and information remembering talents. Taking down your waves:

  • Helps you concentrate;
  • Can reduce the effect of stress;
  • Allows you to find solutions to problems and view them from another perspective;
  • Enhance your creative / intuitive talents; and
  • Improves your ability to sleep. Meditation

    Meditation is simply the process of calming your body, emotions and thoughts. I make it part of my daily life and strive to find 15 minutes a day to think about it. Sometimes these 15 minutes can be like lying in bed at night and sometimes sitting in a lotus position surrounded by candles. There is no right and wrong way to contemplate. Find what works for you and fit into your life.

    As you ponder, slow down your brain and remove the thoughts and concerns that the brain of consciousness has been blowing you all the day. By doing this, your unconscious mind allows space to be heard. When you first start meditating, you may find that there are no answers to you or even you have fallen asleep. Be good to yourself when you put yourself in meditation rhythm.

    The process of meditation usually involves focusing on breathing and then using visual technology to achieve relaxation time. Everyone see or see & # 39; things different. You can never see & # 39; all while contemplating. Some do not. If you're one of them, just imagine you can.

    Since you are going to use meditation to find a solution to a particular problem, state your intention for meditation before you begin. For example, we say to yourself, "In this meditation, I will find the solution to the problem I'm facing with my best friend." The answer will come to you as a sound in your head, as a message you see in your head, as a thought you have (usually "aha") or as a feeling of what's best to do. When the message comes, you can either remember it later or open your eyes, write it down, and keep pondering.

    2. Message

    Every day messages are left for you in strange places and on strange and fun routes. The message is all around you. Just look at them and get the confirmations, warnings or lessons they emphasize for you. The more you look and listen to them, the easier you will notice them. You can either search for clues as you go through the day or you can ask for a message to be left for you (see below).

    The message principle is that the world reflects on you what's happening to you inside. If you live in a world of violence, look inside to find your internal conflict. If you live in a peaceful world, you will have inner peace. If you see things that you do not like in your outermost world, they are certainly a reflection of what's happening inside you. Use these reflections as guidelines for the changes you need to make in your life. Your children especially reflect things for you to notice in your life.

    For example, your daughter says she has been fighting with her friends on the playground. Ask yourself questions such as, "Do I have an internal conflict with having fun?", "Am I in conflict with my inner wife?", "Is this a sign that I'm fighting with a woman in my life? "or" Am I experiencing internal turmoil in relation to issues at the moment? "

    This next example comes from a woman I coached. Allyson told me that children were saying lies about their daughter, Kristina, at school. Her daughter and other children had been called into the office of the head office. That's why Kristina would no longer go to school.

    Alllyson told me about one of his workbooks that had lied about Allyson's ability in his work. This college had been credited with the departmental department when he accepted a credit rating for some of Allyson's good work and taught his own mistakes at Alllyson. As a result, she had been temporarily removed from her position and was dreading going to work every day. It was obvious that Allyson's daughter was faithful to reflect the behavioral pattern for her.

    At the next meeting, Allyson revealed that the truth had come true. Her colleague had been on a website lie and had ever been resigned. Alllyson had been reinstated in her former position and her head had apologized.

    I asked how her daughter was going. She replied that most of them had been classified and that one of the toughest children showed that she would move to another school by the end of the year. Her daughter was now enjoying a school.

    Her daughter had confidently given her not only a reflection of the matter but also the reflection of the resolution. She had done it at some unconscious level to help her mother know the pattern she was running in her own life. (It's often easier for us to see patterns that others are running than to see what we're doing). While we will ignore dealing with our own issues, we find it harder to ignore our children's problems.

    In addition to providing us with a message about patterns or issues in our lives, others also provide reflections on our own credentials back to us. What you:

    • Adventists in others are characteristic traits within you
    • At least like others, there are also a personality trait within you (often you deny)

    Start to notice what's happening in the world and ask yourself what thoughts or messages you can get from it. Often the reflection will contain a lot of humor. One of the fun examples of my own life happened when I sat near two men on a train that was traveling to train stations near the judge of the court as one of them would appear on an attack on an attack. The conversation I heard this like:

    Man # 1: I bet you have a bucket of beer for two weeks, you will not go to prison.

    Man # 2: Naaa, I think I will.

    Man # 1: No. 1 I bet you have a bucket of beer for two weeks, you'll just get a bang on your wrist and guilt.

    Man # 2: I'm not a member. I'm worried. I think I might have to go away & # 39; (to prison). I will leave a wallet with you if I do.

    Man # 1: What is the concern? If you go away it will not be the first time and it is certainly not the last. You know the drill. But I bet you a bucket of beer for two weeks that will not happen.

    Man # 2: You know spouse, I hope you're right, but I will not bet you. You have to draw the line somewhere and I draw the line in gambling. I could bash people, but I do not play.

    At this point I was biting my cheeks to stop me from laughing. I knew there was a message and I also knew how to work out what would be fun for me.

    What would you think would be your consideration if you listened to the discussion? Interesting is not it? I got two thoughts from the conversation. The first was to remind me of how different world experiences are. These people were experiencing everyday reality that is far different from me. The other consideration I received was that it was time to review my rules & # 39; for life to see where there was incongruity similar to the one who found it ok to physically harm others, but not to gambling.

    Other examples of messages I've received from watching the world around me can be found below. The way the message appears to me may differ from the way it appears to you. I've given the examples to give you ideas about what to look in your own message:

    Sample # 1 – When this chapter was written, butterflies flew out of the window. I accepted this as a confirmation of the wisdom I did.

    Example # 2 – While sitting on the beach trying to find a meaning behind an event:

    • As I wondered the meaning could be one, a girl in a red singer ran up, stopped for in front of me, turned around and returned to the direction she had come from. She showed me that what I thought might be the problem was not.
    • When I wondered if the meaning could be something else (rather unusual), a four-wheel drive vehicle (unusual to find on this particular beach), drove in front of me, slowed down and then went on. It showed me that what I thought was the problem (an unusual thing) was actually the problem.

    Example # 3 – While going with a friend to discuss whether I should conduct a certain procedure, flying pubs in a neighboring cemetery, picked up the carcass of dead possum, turned, flown again and let go of our feet. After much laughter on the way I had shown this particular answer, I decided to do this operation.

    Example # 4 – One day, while I was without balance and not buried, I saw the black dog flying down the middle of four lanes. Cars were swerving to avoid it. When there was space in the traffic, I ran out of the way to grab the dog with a collar and pull it for safety. Unfortunately, I did not see it as I did and it added to me. I decided to notice the case I had thought of when I saw the dog and set off. Next week, after working through the case, I walked down the same road, and there was a friendly white puppy looking at the tail and waiting to pat.

    Example # 5 – I saw a man who was in violation of a woman. I realized that my male (logic) side was walking all over my female (intuitive) side.

    Example # 6 – I saw some conflicts in my work environment. It led to the awareness of the internal conflict that I was experiencing in my career.

    Example # 7 – I was discussing the effect of my grandmother's grandmother on my cousins ​​and my cousins. During the call, a fire truck was over. This was a sign for me to look good at the case I had been discussing as there was a message for me. I realized that the very thing I said was that it was good for my cousins ​​and uncles to solve, but I also had to solve. If you are saying or thinking something and the alarm goes off, pay attention to this matter. It has some significance for you.

    Request a message to appear

    In addition to appearing automatically for you throughout the day, you can also request certain messages or answers that appear for you. There are a few ways you can wait for the message to appear:

    1. Before going to bed.
    2. Without specifying how.
    3. In a special way.

    1. Before Going to Sleep

    Put a pad and pencil near your bed. Before you go to bed, answer your question and tell yourself that when you wake up in the morning you will receive the answer.

    The answer will come to you in the middle of a night, in a dream that's "awake" or like something you see, hear or think about next morning. Cushion and pencil is to pick up answers that come to you

    2. Ask to be shown without specifying how

    Spell your question and ask the universe to show you the answer. Once you've done this, please leave it in the morning.

    • Example # 1 – I asked the universe to show me if I should do business with a friend. Within the next 24 hours I saw three cars wrongly going up unilateral streets. I had my answer. Thereafter, information was found confirming the validity of that decision.
    • Example # 2 – I asked if I should register for courses while I was walking down the street. Almost immediately made car in front of me right. I knew it was & # 39; right & # 39; thing to do.
    • Example # 3 – In a special strange example that gives me giggles, I asked the universe to show me if it was a good idea to hire a marketing consultant I had in mind. As I received no message, I assumed that I should recruit it. When I lifted the phone to call her, the car went to the neighbor. I put the phone down and the alarm stopped. Just to make sure it meant what I thought it meant, I lifted the phone again to call his number. The car next to the neighbor left off again. As soon as I switched the handset, the alarm stopped. I did it once more to see if it really worked (it did) and then I got giggles, made a cup of coffee and decided to assume that a particular marketing consultant would not be the best idea I had ever had.

    When the universe wants you to leave a message, he will send it three times. If something happens three times, please follow the message you have shown. For example:

    • Your alarm goes off three times in one morning. There is something in your life that you should pay attention to. (Especially watching what you were doing at the time).
    • You see three sets of twins in one day. Look at where in your life is to divide you into two or two.
    • You try to call someone three times and can not get through. Ask yourself which communication venues do not work in your life.

    3. Ask for a specific way

    You can confirm your request and request that you answer the question in a specific way.

    I once asked to be shown two dolphins if I were truly alive. Two days later I was on a boat that traveled across the ocean when other people on the boat saw two dolphins on the board. As I moved from the other side of the boat, only one dolphin was visible.

    In my suspicion I took it to mean I was not doing the right course. Fortunately, the universe did not give up. Two weeks later, when I went to work along the way, I saw two dolphins in the river. This event was so unusual that it made the evening news.

    The next day I went back along the river to work and the tongue in my cheek told the universe: "It was pretty clever yesterday, two dolphins in the river. I let the feeling go until I looked down … and where painted on the bow of the sailboats attached to the pontoon near the pier was … two dolphins.

    How the message might come to you

    The message usually arrives within 24 hours of your request During this time, please be aware and monitor With your environment, understand that the message is not always the one you expect to hear.

    The message will usually be delivered through something you hear or something you see. The message can also come to you as an inspiration or feeling about the right things to do. The message can be okay on the radio, message on billboard, graffiti on the walkway, guy Irritation in a newspaper, the story that someone tells you or impressed with a conversation.

    For example, I asked the universe whether it would be the highest wisdom for me to continue with my personal development site or continue pursuing a career in tax law. In the morning when I went to work, I landed on the edge of the seychelles near the parked bus. On the back of the street, Benetton Clothing was advertised with the message, "Let your true color shine". That was my answer.

    3. Metaphors

    Life is a giant metaphor and there are many layers of metal within the meta. Every moment every day the universe is putting on an amazing video show for you. There are often many characters playing at the same time, as the universe is not always sure who you choose to notice.

    Metaphors are stories that interest you and temptation to look for the underlying meaning to bridge the gap between your whereabouts and where you need to be on your journey. They offer & aha & # 39; It takes you from one place to your next thought.

    Gaining the ability to interpret the metaphor in your life helps you to define and break the patterns you run and identify the fundamental issues. You are always aware of the issues in your life at an unconscious level. When you begin to draw your attention to them on a more conscious level, it is the case that you will put a lot of fuss on in personal growth and understanding. The more you look for metals, the more they become obvious to you.

    A video is played out by you by other people, by animals, by events, by advertising, in movies and in the media. That's what you notice of the millions you see, hears, smell and touch every day that's important to you. The rest is only the background for the message.

    All you need to do to begin to notice the meaning of your life is to ask the universe to bring them to your understanding. The next step is to become a major watcher of life.

    Sometimes we are involved in helping to play the video in the lives of others. How can you tell if an artist is for you or someone else? It's usually an emotional fee related to your own affairs. If you are offline or not an emotional observer, then & # 39; content & # 39; or a metaphor is usually not your own.

    After you've analyzed a video track, work out the underlying meaning by asking yourself the following questions:

    1. What does this mean at a higher or more abstract level?
    2. What could this symbolize?
    3. How could this be related to my life?

    I have given an example of metaphor that I have experienced and what they mean. Note that when I'm done with water or a pipe, I'm aware that the image is usually an emotional way.

    Below are some examples of issues that have taken place in your own life.

    Video # 1

    • Event: A group of people were in line in front of me at the train station to buy tickets. They were complaining to the seller's ticket that they had gone on an eastern train, but the train had gone south. They had jumped off at this station.
    • Meaning: At that time I was thinking about what direction to take my business – I was shown that the policy I thought I was going in would not be the one I would end in . Subsequently, it is true.


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