Restrict and clear your performance

I used to focus. I did not look at the accent itself, which made me constantly stunned by strangers. If you're also concerned, I'm sure you've noticed that you're treated differently than your native English speakers. Anyone who judges people with accents probably does not even mean that. It's mostly a subconscious thing and of course, the meaning of people with incidents as involuntary is not limited to the United States; It happens in all parts of the world. Growing up in another country I used to stereotype people with accents too and it probably was no different where you grew up.

Obviously, almost everyone who work and live in the United States would like to speak without hesitation, but relatively few succeed. The impact of focus programs is rarely immediately, so most students give up on the fight against accidents shortly after starting. So first of all you need to have the right attitude. Try to avoid saying things like "I'm too old to work now". or "Do not care if I'm in a hurry or not?" Yes, getting rid of focus becomes increasingly difficult when you get older, but it's certainly not impossible. No matter how old you are, it will require a lot of work and a great decision.

There are three key steps that are essential for success when someone finishes with an accent. Finally, how well you will be and how long it will take depends on the time you are willing to invest and how open you are to change.

First, you need to agree to reduce or eliminate your accent affecting your entire life. It's important that you step out of the hugging area and realize that you need to make new friends and surround yourself with as many English-speaking people as possible. Take advantage of the fact that you live close to thousands of native speakers. Go out there and partner with them. This is what most people do not realize, you can not expect your accent to go away if everyone around you speaks your native language and you rarely speak English.

Then English is spoken as much as possible quite a clear step. All the books you read and the hours you work on your accent will be no use unless you go out and talk to people. Remember, mistakes are part of the learning process, so do not be accused of mispronounce the things. Keep talking and you'll see your English improve very soon. Also tell all your friends and family that you want them to speak English with you. This is very useful, especially at the beginning, as you are already happy to talk to them.

Last but not least, it is often forgotten how important active listening is. By following up with the native speakers of English speaking speakers around you, you will not only learn a lot of new concepts but also learn the right message. If you do not have many English friends yet, you can watch TV and listen to the radio, which will basically give you the same results.

Whether you already have experience in eliminating your accumulation or you are just getting started, these principles should be of great help. Of course, you must find out which methods and exercises work best for you. I advise you to talk to people who have managed to eliminate their commands successfully. I am often surprised at how simple this is that I did to get rid of my accent. Give all the methods and exercises that sound right for you, try to keep up with what works best – that's how I managed.


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