Previous life assault – safe method of personal growth and treatment

Hypnosis is the principle used to restore someone to past life. Therefore, customers often express concerns about the safety of both hypnosis and recurrence. It is necessary to delete some misunderstanding or fear of hypnosis before dealing with the question whether it is safe or not.

Many years ago I was asked to be on the phone at a radio station that covered the previous life cycle. I remember a caller who asked if I knew hypnosis was a Devil's tool. I responded by saying that I was not as familiar with the devil as he could be, but if the devil used hypnosis, it would be a very effective tool. Frequent concern about hypnosis is to control. Is a mesmerizing man ruled by mesmerizing? The answer is that all hypnosis is self-sufficient and hypnotic is an assistant that allows its clients to go in trance. The customer is always in control and they will not do anything they do not want to do. There are some other common misconceptions and concerns about hypnosis that I will not go into this article.

Some clients or students who have not experienced previous validation are concerned about the security of the process. One common fear is that they may be open to being in the possession of some malicious spirits. This attitude has been described by certain well-known writers. I do not follow this conviction, but I will put a protective white light around a customer that describes this concern. I do not believe in the evil spirits and do not truly believe that you described yourself as an external harm during treatment. It is the term inputs that may occur, but only with common consent and never during the reign. (Invasion is a soul that takes over the body when an original soul decides that they can not continue in the life in which they are.) The new soul accepts that it can make use of it's life. [19659002] Another fear that is often described is that the man can be tragic in the past and that they can be psychologically damaged by experience. It is possible to go on a stroke during the uprising, but although experience can be very magnificent, it is always constructive. In medical practice, it is often the aim of the physiotherapist to enable the patient to remember a seizure that is at the root of certain symptoms, and thus clearing all associated pathogenic memories through the catharsis process. In untreated circumstances, it is expedient to temporarily get rid of the client from the scene so that they look down on what is happening while it is quiet and relaxed. The customer can view an event to complete while the agreement is being made.

Still worrying is that one can find out that they were very bad in the past. While this is possible, most people who encounter such a life tend to avoid exploring it without being particularly relevant to their current lives. If they go for such a life, all I say is: "Look at how far you've gone!" It is also important to keep in mind that you could have such a life to facilitate the development of other souls. Knowledge of living a bad life is not something to write about, but it's not going to be devastating. It is easy to deal with this life with one who was unselfish and noble.

The last life gate is a powerful technology for medical change and personal growth. However, it is not more dangerous than meditation, which is also a powerful tool for self-development. The only problem with meditation is that it takes its own discipline and years of practice to achieve constructive results. Small life-cycle can be successful in a much shorter time. It is not uncommon for phobias to be eliminated or to solve problems at one time. Both previous lifestyles and meditations are valuable methods; both are completely safe. The only danger that may come from exploring your previous life is from those who disappear from past life. Such consent is often spawned by ignorance.


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