Preview content before testing speed-reading

Simple technology can be used by the reader before reading to increase its speed-efficiency. Giving a little attention before reading is one of them. Many experts suggest that the reader will improve the understanding if he has little time in "preview" overlay before you actually put down to read. Preview does not take long. May be 2-3 minutes. A reader can view the table of contents to identify the title of the chapter. Some chapters may be important for certain readers.

In the section of some headings, the subheadings can provide important evidence of the rest of the content. Reader can find information in pictures or images, charts or images. Check the section soon before you actually read the sections. Try to collect the idea of ​​the author's views, written purpose and the main idea of ​​the subject. It will help the reader to gather information while reading.

These days & # 39; Readers have to go through long articles to find information. Preview could help them have some good general ideas. This can help readers understand and remember the way better.

Speed ​​reading can be objected if the reader speaks to himself while reading. A reader can speak to himself when reading in two ways. The first is called vocalizing. It happens when the reader brings his lips while reading. This is a problem that many readers face. It's a bad habit that slows down the train process and loses the strength of the reader when reading. Another way the reader can talk to himself while reading is under vocalizing. It means that the reader talks to himself quietly while reading. It also causes a lack of readers' strength.


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