Practical speed training

Are you one of the slow readers in your class? You do not have to worry about this because there are various speed adjustments that you can try to strengthen your skills. First on the list is to determine what things you need to know. You can make the questions so it's easy for you to find answers. Search for keywords in the text. Sometimes they are italic, bold or underlined. The passwords can be single or long tail.

There are times when the passports are hard to understand. In this case, you do not have to read all the way. What you need to do is understand the meaning of the sentences. It's just like getting meaning through evidence of context. If the images are in the text you are reading, try to view them too. They may be useful for understanding the text. When you start reading, make sure you have a pointer or a card. You must use this to guide your eyes. This prevents you from reading sentences again.

It also helps if you stay in peaceful places where there is less noise and disturbance. The best place to read and study is the library. You must have peace of mind and your strength is fully focused on the subject. It is also useful if you are going to read the first thing this morning. A lot of speed readers can confirm this. They have increased their reading speed when they start reading early. They say that their brain is not yet ready so that they have better strength and understanding. For students, all reading material is important. So you will not juggle things up, you can prioritize content and rank them by importance – from the most important, relatively important and most important.

Another practical reading routine you should try is to be in the appropriate environment, write text before reading it, read for purpose and time yourself. Let me explain each. Most teenagers today are very offensive to their health especially for their eyes. Because they are too tired of their schooling. They read their books while they lie. Some of them read in very low light. These practices can damage your eyes – and you do not want this to happen. Better read your lessons in broad light or with the correct lighting.

Many also thought skimming was a waste of time. But what is more waste, skimming before you read or read the same text that does not answer your questions? This is a common mistake of students. They read immediately without checking the content if it is useful or not. What about reading for purpose? Sometimes you get to school and you want to relax or relax. You think about your magazine, but instead of just reading it out, think about things you want to learn from it. You can always speed your reading speed at any time so you will be used to reading under pressure – but be sure to understand all the text.


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