Photoreading – Terribly Ineffective Speed

PhotoReading is a little gray area in the world of speed-reading. Is it a real scam? Well, quite possibly, but there are still advocates and solutions. Is it a good tool for those in high school, college etc.? No, probably not. Let's first and foremost look at the pros and cons for us at school, and we'll look at the scammy next to Photoreading and finally, a better solution for incorporating a photographer in speed reading routine without spending time.

First, Direct to Down and Dirty Facts:

Learning Line: Many other fast-moving trainers, Photoreading requires a lot of training, exercises and learning before you can even get "photoreading" book. If you get the "Classic" course, which costs $ 245, will spend about 10 hours through different study materials, do the exercises, etc. If you receive the Deluxe course, you will spend double and at least another 4 hours on the Classic course, plus time to use extra paraliminals .

Successful reading time: Plans to spend 30-40 minutes for photoreading part depending on your experience and length of the book. Then you will spend another 40-3 hours for "activation", depending on your experience, length of book, speed reading WPM, etc.

Understanding / Understanding: Almost Nobody Personally. Although I have not realized 500 books that advocates say they have, I've read good at least and never got an understanding of the photographs. It came almost to me in an "activation", as I just tried to read the whole book and think about the map. Bottom Line: Do not use Photoreading if you need to read a book today understand the book, remember details, egypt something like that. Basically, there is no reason why users would like to use Photoreading.

Positive item: Lighting, in the course, teaches good normal speed of reading technology or two and teacher mind mapping, a very successful notetaking process. It also does a very good job of teaching the right mindset, but spending too much time is considered to be "effective".
Read on to see how to use the basic rules for successful courses!

Is photos scam?

Depends on what you call a scam. It certainly does not meet the promises made in the sales list, it does not work for a lot of people, and some even say it's a copy of the ZOB Speed ​​Reading System. So it's probably a scam. Let me give you an example of the wrong requirements in the sales list that the product does NOT meet:

  • We actually teach you to "give up a photo" on the printed sheet at 25,000 words per minute.
  • You will even have PhotoRead dictionary, think about any word, and know where it is on the page!
  • PhotoReading technology is part of a larger system called PhotoReading Sanitation, which makes it very practical for everyday use

(note that all are copied / pasted).


Ahh, here is a juicy part of the mail! A good photo from Photoring that we can pull out and go out. First of all, keep in mind these two principals they teach:

1. Keep a good idea to read

2. Think of a book after reading it again

You can easily apply these methods to your reading right away. If you feel like a shorter version of the actual "photoreading" method, to utilize it in an efficient and efficient train system, check [Reading Genius 2.0 by Ed Stracher]. In that course, one of the steps you make when reading the book "photocopied" is basically photoreading, unless it takes less than 2 minutes instead of spending 40 minutes on it. 2 minutes seem pretty efficient to me!

Otherwise, it is for this post on Photoreading, Sheele speed reading solution that all school administrators should keep. But no pride, there are AMAZING speed reading solutions out there (including Reading Genius) that makes fast reading easy, fast and effective for you (meaning understanding!). We will talk about them fairly soon.


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