Personal growth expands your comfort area

How do you expand your comfort area? Consider something of what you said before you can get clues on how to do what you already do well. Just being aware can help you increase your comfort!

Expand your convenience area by adding things to what you do and can do. And as you do, let your confidence be swollen and grow.

Consider who in your life is, say, happy and guided with you.

Remember your relationship with them.

And let yourself experience the confidence you have the ability to communicate with them.

Think about who you helped you along the way as you went through challenges.

Do you know someone?

I mean, maybe you go skiing and you learn someone how to do it.

Remember the experience of teaching someone.

And remember that this experience of teaches some skills. For example, you could play football.

You have been trained if you have played football. Perhaps you have coached someone else who needed a boost in their skills.

Remember a good feeling to teach some new skills.

Maybe you've been in business and managed and guided someone.

Remember how it felt good to guide someone and interact with their views on their problems and help them figure out that way to succeed.

Perhaps you have taken someone who had to go to the doctor and would not be alone in bad news.

Remember the support you gave them and the self-confidence that you can help others.

Maybe someone in your family was in trouble and you managed to shop and carry the bags back to their home.

Remember that a good feeling is useful for someone you care about. Samskiptiin! The joy you received from helping. It gives a different sense of self-esteem that enjoys all that you are.

Maybe it's simple when you took someone for lunch that needed a friend. And you listen to them. Perhaps it gives you the confidence that you do not always have to be the one who speaks. You do not always have to be the one who does.

Sometimes it's about listening.

And in listening, answer a few words of encouragement in the areas where they need encouragement.

And another silence.

In the areas they need to let go.


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