Personal growth and self-change towards increased awareness

Different perspectives on personal growth and self-esteem?

What is personal growth and self-improvement actually? I know that everyone uses these terms and usually relates to personal growth and self-esteem by some kind of process of becoming a better person, improving oneself or learning more about different areas of life or themselves. But what if it was different and unique deeper way to understand this process of personal growth and self-esteem? This is what I want to share.

What is all about?

I was thinking that I set goals, introduced courses, and learned new ideas and ideas because they were simply a vehicle for me that equals the level of personal growth and self-improvement. But in recent years my perception has changed slightly. Now I want to think about personal growth and self-esteem as a process that I use to "increase and raise awareness and awareness". Then it's personal growth and self-esteem that is a vehicle for something else. I'm sure some of you read this and think it's the same. Yes, I know that looks like this because the change in perspective is only very small, but I'm afraid that the change in consequences is quite big.

What if all the reason we're here on this planet now, what if all the reason we've chosen life is not a coincidence and is only one main goal? What if the only goal to be here is to "increase and raise awareness and awareness"? And I'm not just talking about simple awareness and consciousness like being aware of more things in life, myself, others, and being aware of all around me. Of course, it also comes as a natural consequence of personal growth. But I'm talking more about the propagation and increase of spiritual consciousness or consciousness. What if anything in the universe, even a book or car, had your own consciousness? And in the same way, the Earth itself is conscious. And what if it's true that the whole purpose of life in any form that is animated or infinite, physical or otherwise is to keep raising and increasing awareness, similar to how the universe continues to expand?

These are the questions I introduce and respond to each person. Because of my understanding, the natural development process is based on the structure of ascension and increased consciousness. If, like individuals, we can not continue as the consciousness of zombie consciousness, for example, we simply can not be within the same dimensional consciousness. What does that mean? Well, sometimes it means we can no longer carry on in physical life. In order to restore the process of personal growth and self-esteem, it is sometimes necessary that we continue to participate consciously in growing and raising ourselves higher than just going through life and hoping for the best and hope we will grow nothing pages, somehow or otherwise.

Perhaps there's something to think about, because if all of this is somewhere near true, it means how and when we grow and evolve spiritually, emotionally, have a mental and physical impact on everything else around us without that we even want it. And moreover, I'm not saying that any of this is true and that you believe something of this but as I said, what if it is? I believe that every so often or even very often, we must ask the value of our own opinions about life because it leads in itself to increased awareness and consciousness.


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