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(excerpt from Jim Rohn one-year success plan – Week Two)

Hi, Jim Rohn here and welcome in Week Two. Again, what an exciting opportunity to take this next step in our one-year trip.

1. Invitation – We looked at opportunities and I encouraged you to accept the invitation to take part in this unique self-government journey and discovery where you set and reach higher goals, go into your dreams, change some unpleasant things about yourself and make a significant difference the life of others.

2. The plan – This week we will talk about the plan. All good things in life are upstream, but the natural flow of life is down, a negative rise. To combat pulling down, you need a plan, map to help you reach your desired destination. We will talk about the plan and break down the keys to create and follow a successful plan.

3. Relationship and Impact – We affect everything around us, including what we read, what we look at, who we talk to and who we take with time. It is important how we look at our world, our relationships, our chance, but most of us. Next week we will discuss the importance of our organizations and their impact.

4. Learning and Education – All 12 key achievements that we will learn next year will include personal development, becoming a student and learning. This is the basis – one basic or fundamental to becoming more, having more and more, and we will take this key in two weeks.

Bonus Point – Personal development is about joy; Create your own unique, one-you-deserve-it-because-you-made-it, simple celebration!

We will cover these 4 levels in depth this month. Last week we discussed the invitation, and now this week, I congratulate you on accepting this invitation to be, do and have more in your life. The Bible says that if you search you find, and that's what you and I are doing. We have accepted the invitation to be applicants so that we can now find the better things that life offers so openly for those who choose to participate in that process. Next year, let's see what we can do with soil, seeds, sunshine, rain and miracle opportunities to change what we have in life filled with treasures, family relationships, companies, gifts in many and everything you want.

Now let's go this week's topic – the plan.

As we all know, our results are just as good as our plan. Mr Schoaff taught me that it is not what happens that determines the main part of our future, because what happens happens to all of us. Instead, he taught me that the key is what we do about it. If we start to change the change by developing a plan, do something else in the next year than we did the year before, it does not matter how little this effort begins. Begin to do different things with the same conditions we've always had and can not change – and see what miracles take place.

If we begin the miracle and change, everything changes. And what's interesting, the difference between success and failure is so subtle. Let me explain by giving you my definitions of failure and performance. Here's it: Failure is a few errors in the court repeated every day. The man says, "Well, I did not walk around the block today and it did not kill me, so it must be okay." No, no, there are such errors in court, t

Now, here's my definition of success: A few simple articles were practiced every day. Do you see the distinction? A few disciples … Here's a little sentence we've heard: "Apple today keeps your doctor away." And my question to you is: "What if that's true?" How simple and easy is this plan?

The fact is, when looking at success, you will almost always discover a plan behind their success. They know what they want, they work out a plan that will get them where they want to go, and they work their plan. It is the basis for success. We as humans have unique ability to influence changes in our lives; It is through our own consciousness when we take on the miracle of personal development that we can change nature and our lives.

We want this first year in our program to succeed for you – great success – and we know it means you need a plan and then work the program with the method. It's a combination of subjects and open minded attitudes to study, driven by diligence according to the plan that is right for you, which will make this year the good success we know you want to be. So let me challenge you to be less sincere, no less committed to promoting your philosophy, putting your sail, your plan.

So, what are some good ideas for developing a plan that will work well and make you complete an effective way and style? Here are some key things to keep in mind (Chris will give you some action at the end):

Develop the program for you.

Some are very detailed and can monitor complex programs closely. Others are a little more "free-wheeling" and not really "detail" people. It's okay too. In all the years when I spoke to the audience around the world, people have asked the question, "what plan is the plan?" And my answer, the plan that suits you. Your plan, the one you develop it is unique to you and to you. You see, each of us is unique and motivated by different factors and you must develop one that is right for you and suits you.

Some plans will not be as complex as others, but we have all plans, along with the goals in that plan, move us along the plan. If you are a free spirit brand, do not tell you you are going to spend 2 hours a day with books and tapes and diary. It will probably not happen and you will be the mood! What personality, your strengths and your weaknesses, develop the plan for them! This is not one plan that suits everyone.

Create time to delete work on the subject.

It may be every Sunday night. It can be 20 minutes each morning. It may be in the car to listen to the CD every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Anyway, set the time and do it. Place points that you can accomplish every week in the step-by-step plan. They should be specific and accurate. Develop discipline and take the steps every day, which will bring you closer to your goals and wherever you want to be.

Keep the magazine.

Take notes. It may be on paper, it may be on a copier. Mr. Schoaff taught me to trust my memory than writing it down, to find one place to gather information that affects the change. And these tips have served me well all these years. Record ideas and inspiration that will carry you wherever you are where you want to be. Take notes about the ideas that affect you the most. Put your thoughts and ideas down. Brainstorm with yourself where you are going and what you want to do.

Enter your dreams and hopes.

Your magazines are a gathering site for all the important information you find. If you are serious in becoming rich, powerful, advanced, healthy, impressive, cultivated, unique, if you drive something important, write it down. Two people will listen to the same content and different ideas will come to each and every one. Use the information you collect and post it for further consideration, for future discussions, and to value it as it is for you.


Make time to ponder – time to go back, learning back what you've learned and what you've done every day. I call it "running backwards" so the day locks well in memory so it serves as a device. As you review the content of this plan, you will spend time reflecting your importance to you. Set aside aside – here are some good instructions for time to reflect: At the end of the day. Take a few minutes at the end of each day and go back over the day – who are you talking with who see you, what did they do, what happened and how do you feel what went on. A day is a piece of mosaic in your life. Next time, take a few hours at the end of the week to reflect the function of the week – I would suggest at least one half hour. Also during this weeks time, take a few minutes to reflect how this topic should apply to your life and circumstances. Take half a day at the end of the month and weekend by the end of the year so that

Set goals.

Let's just get it done in the next few weeks in the next few weeks, let's just keep in mind that the plan is a roadmap for how to achieve your goals, so you must have them. Of all that changed my life for the better (and soon) it was learning how to set goals. Mastering this unique process can greatly affect your life too. I remember shortly after I met Schoaff, he asked if I had a list of my goals and of course I did not. He suggested that because I lacked certain defined goals that he could guess about the bank's balance within a few hundred dollars … and he did!

Well, Mr. Schoaff immediately started to help me define my vision, my dreams. He taught me to set goals because it has the greatest effect on the future of man and the greatest power that will pull a man in the direction they want to go. But the future must be organized, well designed to execute power that draws you towards promises of what can be.


Act about your plan. What succeeds from unsuccessful, so often, is that effective simply does. They take action, they are not necessarily better than others; They just work the program. And the time to respond is when the feeling is strong. Because if you do not, that's what happens – it called the law of decreasing intent. We will respond when the idea strikes us when the feeling is high, but if we delay and do not mean to do it soon, then the plans begin to decrease, decrease, and month as it's cold and a year from now can not find it.

Take care when the idea is strong, clear and powerful – it's time to work the program. Otherwise, the feeling is wasted without touching your feelings and putting it into question and translates into equity. And here it is interesting: All articles affect each other; everything affects everything. That's why the smallest action is important – because the value and benefits you

As we said last week, we are at the beginning of a great journey that will help us to become all we want – so let go!

Until next week, we will do something interesting!

Jim Rohn


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