Keep a journal to promote your personal interest rates

Do you have a diary? If you do, you might want to do it. Why? Because keeping a calendar can contribute to your personal interest rates. It can make you better man from day to day.

There are a few reasons why it's true. First of all, keeping a diary coaches you to be prominent. You are more likely to pay attention to what is happening around you and you are more likely to get ideas and lessons. It happens because you are used to writing things down. Therefore, your mind will try to find things that you can write down in your journal.

It also makes you more thoughtful person. Not only will you keep track of what's around you at the moment, but you must also keep track of the past. You must check what you have done well and what needs improvement. Instead of letting them go, extract lessons from those you can use in the future.

Of course, the habit of writing down your thoughts also loses them. I do not know about you, but I meditate on the thoughts and ideas that I become precious. By having a calendar, you have a permanent record of what you can always mean.

I also find the fact that the act of writing something makes it possible to keep in mind. It will be much less likely that you forget what you have written down. Even if you do not look back on your calendar, you can still remember them.

In my opinion, you do not have to write every day to reap the benefits of keeping a calendar. Just write things that are worth writing about. But make it a habit and you will be a better person tomorrow than you are today.


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