Is the speed of reading to work?

… or is the speed of reading a scam?

Many people think speed monitoring can not possibly work – or that's just for skimming. These are smart and careful consumers who do not want to spend their time on something that is not going to work. They have seen courses that teach them to read at incredible speed and they have heard of many strange training methods, which, frankly, make them very skeptical.

Many people can not believe that fingerprinting or eye-piercing exercises are enough to enable reading, understanding and retaining information as quickly as possible. Of course they are, this claim make sound pretty amazing!

Is speed-reading real?

It's true to read speed & # 39; industry has been involved in tweaking – actually, many mentors avoid using even the term "fast reading" and instead of "effective" or "effective" reading.

The term "speed reading" was originated by Evelyn Wood, who opened the Institute of Reading Dynamics in 1960. But with little business experience and no commercial her company went bankrupt within a year. The new owners decided to advertise was not only important – it was all ! Wild claim and then signature Kennedy President suddenly changed Reading Dynamics in a lot of craze.

Business was booming … but unfortunately, few students could get the strange approaches that new owners preached or gain unbelievable speech that they praised … and the industry fell into disfavor. But the company failed because it was impossible for people to learn to read faster – it failed because not enough people could achieve the promised reasons by doing the exercises.

You can learn to read faster!

The average reading speed is 250 words per minute and most people can learn at least twice or triple speed. This may be slower than you can edit pages … but you should definitely be able to call this speed dial and # 39;

So do not be sorry for the carnival, which sometimes seems to be a fast pace of reading. As you cross the entire neck, the way to increase reading speeds is significantly from focusing on words to focus on ideas .

Mind the poor reader loafs, pick up very small units at once, but the outstanding reader presents himself around the lines and collects the ideas of each moment. He who reads one word at a time, but in terms of separate words and "can not see the forest for the trees."

It may seem impossible to read multiple words at the same time – but you can … if you actively focus on visualizing ideas instead of passively reciting words.

Reading Elements

Phrases can usually be divided into short thoughts that can be understood in a single moment. Although you can only think about one object at a time, there's no need for one word, but instead one whole idea can be. By learning to see what each thought unit means, you can learn to read in "& quot; images." When you experience this way of reading, words will no longer be expressed as if conversation is in your head, but will be viewed as images, more like browsing a movie or watching a movie.

Someone can learn speed reading.

Although the rapid reading industry might have been tarnished, there are still many who really make read very fast with excellent understanding and retention. It does not take special skills – anyone can learn to be a quick reader – with the right technique. It's certainly wise to be wary of difficult demands and exercises, but do not miss the benefits of powerful reading methods that are available to you. You can learn speed reading by learning to read thoughts and learn to concentrate on ideas rather than words .


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