Improving speed reading with motor vehicles

A typical person is able to read between two and four hundred word words per minute. You might think 400 is very much, but it's not far away from true. You can practice rapid reading skills with cardio training.

Tachistoscope was used by Royal Air Forces (RAF) to display airplanes and gradually lower exposure time and check how fast a human eye can recognize the airplane (enemy or ally). Later, the same experiment was performed to review recognition. The results were great. Today's adaptation of the newspaper is a flash card and a so-called screen school, but you need to watch!

In order to realize how fast we can read at first and how much we can add, we need to perform mathematical calculations. The eyes can be identified in 1/500 seconds by photo or word, and it was proved by the Royal Air Force scientists decades ago. To go further with this rule, we should be able to reach about 23,000 words in just one minute. Just to explain what recognizes words or an enemy plane (images used in first experiments) in such a short period of time was achieved after long-term training with switches.

What we do not need to realize is that most trainers are not well prepared. After many attempts, people reported that their reading speed dropped shortly. At the same time, most of these courses range from 200 to 400 words per minute, but this is a normal range nothing outstanding. From that, we can conclude that most courses targeting about 500 words per minute are rather unprofitable. What you need to understand is that this method will not make you read very quickly in a short period of time.

Many scientists say that improving speed reading with tachistoscope training is just a matter of increased motivation level over time, of course, and this would explain slowly a few weeks after the typical course is complete. It is also said that reading speed does not improve overall understanding and should therefore only be used as support for fast reading technology and not the main training.


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