How to read faster and understand what you are reading: Part 2

In the first part of this article, you found the importance of reading faster. You learned how to use your hands to increase the rate of decline significantly by 10-15%. Now you should have applied the technology described in this article and experienced this increase in reading for you. This second article will focus on improving your understanding of what you read.

Most read in one step. They open a book and turn to the first chapter. They begin to read the first sentence of paragraph 1. And keep moving down the page until they reach the end of the book. After all, that's how most of us were taught to read when we went to school. Unfortunately, this is a terrible policy and causes all sense of problems. Fortunately, an easy solution.

Reading experts use a simple formula to improve understanding of reading. In fact, you can use the same formula during reading. The formula has an abbreviation of SR2Q. SR2Q stands for: skim, read, review and ask. These four steps are easy to learn and will greatly enhance understanding of your understanding. Let get started.

Before you start reading text to learn the details, you should skim it from start to finish. This skimming should be at a very high speed. For example, it should not take more than 10 minutes to complete the thick university text. Once you have finished skimming the material, you are ready for the next step.

Start reading the content now. It's a good idea to look for basic ideas and all support information. Why should you believe what you are saying if it is not certain that it is short? During reading, put the mark (-) in the margin with a pencil. Put this mark next to what is confusing to understand.

Next, you search for all your tags and review that topic. You can use other texts and permissions to decode meaning that is confusing to you.

The last step in this process to improve reading comprehension is to continue to ask questions while you are reading. Questions create curiosity. Curiosity creates interest and interests lead to a better understanding.

SR2Q is an easy way to improve your reading comprehension. With just a little workout you will be amazed at how much better you can read for comprehension.


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