How to live the age

We all have to accept that it is part of aging we can not control. How quickly age is partly determined by our genes but it's not our only destiny. There are administrative factors that greatly contribute to how well age.

Here are five parameters we can control:

1. What We Eat
Our 2nd Environment
3. Workout
4. Lifestyle and Behavior
5. Emotional Wellbeing

Are you aware that in 1900 the life expectancy was 47 years and in 1990 it was 76 years? Today, it is already higher and many live well in the eighties. How do we explain this increase in longevity? It is true that there has been medical advances, but it does not explain everything.

Aging people are doing well with themselves. They realize that the five parameters mentioned above have an impact on quality of life.

1. We always make choices about what we eat. Nutritionists tell us to eat five doses of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, limit carbohydrates and protein intake, drink five 8-eyed glasses of water and reduce our things matter. In addition, there are restrictions on the use of alcohol and not smoking a healthy choice.

2. Living in an environment that is positive, pleasing and stress-free adds to aging.

3. Exercise greatly influences physical well-being. Studies have shown that those who practice daily are happier and enjoy better health. Recent results show that exercise in questions can be even more useful than one hour of a particular exercise.

4. Lifestyles and behaviors are also manageable factors. Ask yourself is your lifestyle so that he nourishes you or is detrimental to your health. When we fire, it is important to review behavioral behaviors and to change those who do not contribute to our well-being. Change of habits is possible at any age.

5. Emotional well-being affects all other variables. When we look after ourselves, we want to take care of ourselves. We want to be healthy, enjoy our, be passionate about what we are doing and have a positive attitude. Again, we can take measures to increase our emotional well-being.

It's a big part of aging that's in our control that many discover. The factors that can be controlled are a big difference in enjoying life as centuries. Aging can not be stopped, it can be better with the actions we take.


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