How to Increase Speed ​​Reading – Avoid Bad Habits!

An attempt to increase speed reading would certainly be a major challenge. It would certainly not be easy. There will be obstacles and obstacles along the way, but this should not diminish your interest and commitment to speed up reading. After all, the benefits and benefits you will enjoy after you succeed have been worth all the efforts and challenges you have received.

Most experts would emphasize reading as the most effective way to increase speed limitation. On the other hand, withdrawal or backlash is considered an unhealthy habit that would not be useful for increasing speed response. This unhealthy approach to reading can be traced to the way in which reading was taught young children that may apply to such an age group but would not be beneficial for adolescents and adults. Revocation or backlash slows the person's speed in reading and comprehension.

Other unhealthy practices that stop all attempts to increase reading speed are motorized routine or guidance like striking the desk, clicking on the hand and moving the lips. Regardless of these unnecessary human life or motor habits, fixation or pause also prevents our performance from increasing speed. These fixes can also lead to slower speed in reading. Fittings also adversely affect individual understanding and strength.

To increase speed reading, you should also know the factors that reduce your speed. These factors include limited sensory limits, slow sensory time, vocalization, faint eye movement, withdrawal, flawed routine attention and concentration, lack of exercise in reading, fear of losing sense, regular slow reading, poor evaluation of the importance of selected items, focus on Remember everything rather than remember. Preventing these obstacles would be very useful for increasing the reading speed.

The necessary conditions must also be set before any reading is done. Corrections should be made in the eyes. Avoid withdrawal. The eyelids must grow. You also need to be aware of when you should slow down and when should speed up reading.


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