How to improve the speed of your reading

One best way to improve your reading speed is to practice. Practice reading does not mean reading more and more. Practice reading involves real arts with a conscious decision to work on reading faster than you can actually read. The chances are that you will not understand much of what you are reading because your brain is so used to subverting and subvocalizing. Remember, the location of placements is to create the words and read them in their head, instead of looking at the word and automatically creating a mental understanding.

The point is simply to see the text faster than you can read so you can get rid of the habit of typing the words as you understand them. Basically, what exercise reading means taking the time to make sure and actually concentrate on learning how to look at the words and not try to form them so you can speak them.

Start reading your exercises by taking a stopwatch and see how quickly you can look at text and make sense in your head without trying to say the words. Use a book that you have not read before to make sure your brain is actually practicing instead of relying on memory. Check where you started and stopped. Take the number of words on line (use a quick average) and the number of lines you actually read in the book to calculate your exercise.

What must happen is that you will not be able to fully understand all the words you see, but you will be able to understand and understand any of these words. Again because you go in a very fast rate, when you slow down you will be able to read it faster than you were initially able and with more exercise as the speed will increase. Once you've become a hobby to practice high-level reading you can not understand, you should really understand a slower rate but faster than if you're underweight.

To see what we are going to do. Take out a book that you have not read. Set the time and then look at the words in a row as you read the sentence. Make sure you do not try to form the words with your mouth. If you hear yourself in your head reading the site you are not doing this right. Once the one minute time has come up, check to see if you could understand or review that page quickly. Over time, your rate will increase.

But how can you practice reading faster than you can read? How do you track the text but go faster than you can read? The answer is another speed reading tricks, with the cursor.


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