How to calculate your train speed

If you are as many, you probably wonder how fast you can read. While many people are interested in measuring their reading rates, they often do not have the technology to accomplish this. Good news! This article will provide you with easy-to-use policies for quickly and accurately measuring your initial reading rate.

The first thing you need to do is get a book. I recommend using non-fiction book about highly familiar content. It's important that you already understand the content in the book. A good rule is to choose a book that you can easily understand when reading slowly. If your book is hard to read at slow pace it would be a bad choice. Once you have your book, continue reading this article.

Open the first chapter of the book. Find a typical page. There is a page that looks like most other pages in the section. If most sites have things like images, pictures, explanations, then it's the perfect page. If only a few pages have any of these items but avoid that page.

Get a pencil now. Count down 10 lines of text. Take the place in your text with your pencil. Next count the number of words on each line of the text. Make sure you count each word, including short words like "a" and "it" as a full word. Write down the number of words found on 10 lines of text. Now all you have to do is divide that number of words by 10 to calculate the average number of words on the line.

You are almost done Now count the number of lines of text on a typical page. Your final step is to multiply the number of lines on a typical page by number of words on a typical page. This will give you the average number of words per page. The final step is easy.

Count how many pages and lines you can read in a single minute. Multiple words per page you only found from the number of pages you read. Write this number down. Next, calculate how many lines you read on the last page and multiply it by number of words on the line. Add two numbers together and guess what? You calculated your account rate. Let's make an example.

Suppose you speak 50 words in ten lines of text. You would replace this by 10 and find your average line has 5 words. Let's say there are 50 lines on the page. But the average page would contain 250 words. Every page you read has an average of 250 words. If you read 1. 5 pages, read 250 words on the first page, plus 125 words on your other page for a total of 375 words per minute. With only a little workout, you will be very good at calculating the reading of your speed.


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