How to be healthy for good – leads to personal growth

When you think about how to be healthy, most people just think about physical health – exercise, eat right, like that. But it's more-more – to help you stay healthy. It's financial health that matters to your health. And it is "mental" health.

With mental health, I do not speak of mental illness. I'm talking about how people think. I'm sure you've heard the term "thoughts are things". But what does this really mean? If thoughts are things, can change the minds change the world? Can you be healthier, happier, richer just by changing how you think? The most amazing thing is you can!

How did I think thoughts are things.

For many years, I sought a way to be happier – in my relationships, in my health and in my finances. Things improved something, but it seemed like I could only go so far. Then I would go back. I went to church regularly. I practiced yoga and meditation. I read voraciously. I was looking for answers. But my life seemed to be stuck.

One night it all became. Five years ago, in the yoga class, I heard a teacher and student talked about a film that had changed his life. This film was "The Secret." I've never heard of it and for some reason I had to know what it was. I actually ran into their conversation to find out. I went home and rented it from Netflix. What an eye opener! Basically, the "secret" is that if you focus on something you want, view it daily and see you literally by having something, then you can get it. You can "attract" whatever it is for you. The movie was made in a very simple way, but it started me a way I had never taken before.

Change your thoughts, change your life!

I started reading and listening to books and articles about personal growth. I found authors like Napoleon Hill, Steven R. Covey, Malcolm Gladwell, Robert T. Kiyosaki and others. I started listening to personal tutors like Bob Proctor, Les Brown and David Wood.

It made me change my mind was the key. The question was: "How do I change how I think?" First, I had to understand how my brain worked.

Awareness against subconscious mind.

One of the things I learned was the difference between consciousness and subconscious mind. Basically, your conscious mind is the "jaw" of the brain, but the subconscious actually drives the show. Your subconscious minds all that works well. It keeps the heart beating, moves your arms and feet and covers your faith. This is all done with brain inflammatory diseases – a small burst of energy.

When you were born, you started to form a nervous tissue in your brain. It's like a small trainway, the electric current comes with every time you learn to do something new. Over time, these pathways become damaged and every time you move your right foot, for example, the same nerve is used again.

The same happens with your faith. The religion you've developed over time, the ones delivered from your parents, learn from your teachers and your own experiences, including the nervous system. They are identified in your mind. And since the same "trainway" has been used over and over again, they are not easy to direct. These lifelong practices and attitudes are buried in the subconscious concept – which is running the show – your show.

Be healthy for good – personal growth.


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