How personal growth and development will change your life and our country, if you allow it

As hard as this may be believing, we are very lucky indeed on this day and age. I know that there are many who read this as unemployed and have been for a very long time. I also know you probably think I'll see some shells light at full pressure to make such a statement. I will try to explain my position and, as always, the reader can make your decision.

Great depression had a devastating effect all over the world. Virtually all countries, poor or wealthy, were affected. The volume of the shop broke about 1/2 to 2/3. In some countries unemployment rose to 33%, in the United States unemployment was 25%. Compared to the Dammskál from 1930, it was an incredibly difficult double blow for both of them. Many were forced from smooth countries, literally from possible hunger, to move to the west, because unfortunately, due to heavy depression, things were not better.

But again there was obviously no Internet, no chance really available, for nothing but working for someone else. It's quite the opposite today. There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of options available to us today that were unthinkable back then. But most people do not have self-esteem, personal faith and faith that they can achieve good results after these opportunities. And the reason is that they have ceased to grow as people, as men. You must grow your faith, self-esteem and faith. You must somehow believe that something is possible. And personal growth and development is the only known method to achieve this goal. It hurts me not to end the amount of people who are doing network marketing or marketing, once they have never even tried to trade on their own. There are literally millions of people now walking out of the hugging area are entering business and promoting the economy instead of eliminating it. Create jobs, even if it's only by purchasing office supplies. It takes courage, but the majority of believers are nothing but complaining and expecting someone else to secure them.

The problem is that far too far, like Americans, we have forgotten who we are. We bought the idea that the company would take care that all we need is a job and life will take care of themselves. As a result, we stop growing as human beings. And that's one of the main reasons for so much pain and suffering that many people experience today. We are pioneers, we are courageous, we are dreamy, we are believers and perseverance. At least we were.

Can we be this part again? It depends on you. Yes, you are reading this article. It is your responsibility to dig deep into your heart and soul to restore the greatness you represent. No one else carries this responsibility. We as people, including myself, must begin to take responsibility for ourselves, our families and our society. To start taking care of our own again. As we did once.

The problem is that most of us know longer, or even understand American Dream We have taken course of what we have for too long. Too many think that all they have to do is come up and they will be rewarded, when the truth is that there was never so. We all have to become givers, not takers. Stop, not diluted. And the only way to accomplish this is that we all take a long, hard look in the mirror. And to accept the fact that it is our responsibility to create jobs, not just filling it. But how do you ask? I have no money, no credit, etc. Well, if you crave something strong enough, the universe will provide what it takes. It is called Law of Attraction . We must become self-sufficient again, as we once were. But to do this we need to believe in ourselves. But it's up to you, nobody else. I, as well as many others, are doing my part . Are you? Do you have it in you?

to your success.


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