Hotwifing – 3 Ways to Be Successful

A common question from couples who have decided to take their first time in the homeland style of life is actually " where should we do it?" ".

And it's a question with an answer that's not always as simple and obvious as you might think. It is sometimes a little fun, because it always turns out that the imagination never really developed out of "watching my wife in bed" for most men. Exactly because this space does not really go into the equation.

And that's important because men and women often have very different opinions on much of this.

Consider some of the common answers to this question, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

1. Your own space.

This is obvious, and if the truth is said, it seems to be where most couples gain weight some time, with the woman who brings his lover home and loves him in the bride's home, either with her husband or not.

The advantages are obvious: it's easy, has minimal arrangements, and you feel like you're at home, which can be very important.

However, a potential problem is that many women feel deeply emotional attachment to the groom and can be very uncomfortable to have a person who is not her husband in it. See my other articles about how unwanted feelings can screw in when you're wondering and how to deal with them.

2. Your wife's wife

This is a rather obvious answer, and while the woman is easier, it's often harder with the person, especially if he's & # 39; is not available.

One of the things about oppression is that the man often has the desire, almost need, to actually look at his wife in action. Although this can lead to difficulties, you often find your new lover, it's not a pleasure to have another person in his bedroom – especially when he's the lover's husband!

And of course, it is also the fact that many husbands, for all kinds of good reasons, do not feel like their wives are single in another house. This is not necessarily just about the sex they have, but it's all the security issue, whether it's really sensible or not.

3. In a hotel room

This is perhaps the best option, especially because couples are used in their homeland.

The biggest drawback is that it obviously costs money, but you can change the cost between them and him. Or if you decide to meet there and get two rooms (so she can come back to you when she loves him), you pay for your own.

But the advantage of this is that you are all on neutral ground. Even if you do not spend the night, you can wait for the bar. It gives you both this feeling of security and security because you're close enough to be short, but far enough away to be not a plague. Just make sure that your wife lives and pays for the room in her own name (including identification) even if it reimburses him.

I can personally know about this … sitting in a single hotel while my wife has another person in the next room and I can hear them and simply imagine what they have to do is really an amazing experience.


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