Four Easy Speed ​​Reading exercises that will increase your reading speed

Speed ​​reading exercises regularly is the only way to increase the ratio between minutes and improve the overall reading of your speed. There are a number of paid courses that offer these exercises, but these are expensive and can cost up to a hundred dollars. But who says you have to pay to do speed reading exercises? You can improve your reading speed by doing these speed-setting exercises on your own – and they will not cost you a penny!

Hand Technology

For these speed training exercises, you need text that is easy to read. With your finger, trace the space under the words as you read them. The idea behind this exercise is to help you adapt to a variety of reading speeds by using your finger as a pacer. Start at normal reading speed and increase the speed of your fingers as the days follow. After just two weeks, you notice reading your reading.

The Sweep Reading Technique

One of the most important exercises is sweeping reading technology. The trick is that you can see a large amount of words in one moment and the hologram will teach you how. As a hand technology, you need to use your finger as a cursor. But instead of tracking the space under the word, you need to do faster, downturns of movements in the center of the text. This technique will train you to read words with big lumps instead of one word at a time.

Card Technique

One of the biggest falls of students is to pinch the bad habit of dropping back, or looking back at words they just read but did not understand. Exercises like card technology are designed to increase your reading speed and read your understanding, but eliminate bad habits. For this you need to play playing cards or another sheet. Use the card or paper to cover all lines of text that you have finished reading. As you perform these speeds, try to read as quickly as you can, but not too fast and default the text.

The Zigzag Technique

Zigzag technology is also one of the most important speed-reading exercises that you should practice on a regular basis. When we were young, we were taught to read from left to right and to make sure we never read a word. This is fine, but it also slows down on our reading because it's been a long time in detail that has already been explained. Zigzag speed reading exercises will teach you to read in zigzag patterns so you can easily scan and select the main items in the text.

Remember that highway trainings are practiced daily so that you can get the improvements they promise. When you do the reading of your exercises, put yourself in a comfortable place without interference and noise. Make sure you choose text that is easy to read; Otherwise, your speedy exercises will only be so annoying.


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