Easy Speed ​​Reading – By Malcolm Ayres

This book is written to assist individuals throughout their lifespan and are interested in improving reading, preservation and remembering. The author has provided some methods and methods that the reader can learn at his own pace. He includes various exercises to assist in the learning process.

The author describes some of the benefits of reading this book: it costs less than a formal course of reading on speed; The book should not cause you anxiety or tiredness. and you will gain confidence in your new abilities. The author asks you to read each section in order to get the fullest benefit from the submitted information.

The author recommends that you start yourself by reducing interference, doing well and setting time to maintain your focus and learning. Starting with a short period of time and exercising regularly will help in learning the skills needed to improve reading, preservation and remembering. There is a chapter dedicated to checking the current reading material. The author provides teaching and technology to evaluate your skills. The chapter in this chapter focuses on examining your current understanding.

The last step before starting your practice and practice technology is to set goals. The book emphasizes the importance of studying and the need to remember that it will take time to overcome bad habits. The author describes how we limit ourselves to poor sight and sight care; read one word at a time; skip the words you do not know; read to you; reload and automatically limit, along with information to exclude each of these restrictions.

There are a few methods to help you change gears, such as reading through the subject and just grabing the main points; discard any material because it lacks value; and then reading is faster because emphasis is placed on the content needed. Remember to work at your own pace and limit your time to learn and practice new skills. There is a chapter of exercises for each step needed to build the skills needed to improve reading, preservation and remembering.

Chapter Starting Today is designed to help you determine the current reading speed and understanding. It provides an exercise that will measure your current abilities. Once you've set up your existing skills, go to the next section on how to build your confidence. This chapter is designed to help you realize that you can immediately increase reading speed and understanding. It is followed by another exercise.

The next chapter focuses on increasing your ability to speed read reading words to read sentences. The author provides an example of how to learn how to read sentences. This is then followed by exercise. Then, the book brings content from trains to sentences for reading. The author provides instructions on how to accomplish this skill. Again, an exercise for you to develop these skills.

The next chapter provides instructions and practice to develop reading two sentences at a time. This is followed by another section on how to eliminate excitement to re-implement your steps and re-read the content you have just read. The author provides instructions and exercises for you to eliminate this voltage.

There is a chapter on how to improve your memory. The author describes steps to remedy:

1) to pay attention;

2) repeat what you want to remember;

3) Review new information every day;

4) ability to display new information.

The author provides two websites to assist in developing mind maps, the process of publishing information.

It's a chapter on how to reduce your essential reading material for work. The author suggests referring to the reading of content to another partner; review the letter from read content and either recycle it or deliver to the sender something that is not worth reading; skim through magazines; and emphasize important information. This chapter also provides another exercise.

Another chapter focuses on investing in you. The author recommends that you invest a minimum of 5% of your time and income to improve yourself. The installment is by practicing new practices and will lead to a simple way to run ahead.

The next chapter provides information on how to move from the established conservation area to success and improve your life. The author gives a different exercise. How to prepare an emergency is the following chapter. The author provides information on how to treat emergencies when they arise: increase awareness; learn the warning signs; and preparation.

The final chapter deals with removing barriers to success. Each chapter provides information and exercises to increase your reading speed, retention and remember by including each section. You will receive exercises to practice and develop the necessary skills while learning important facts and steps to success.


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