Do not review each sentence in speed reading

During a quick reading, read a few lines or information reader needs to be read slowly. Some lines in paragraph may contain important information. It consists of the rest of the paragraph. Smart readers know these lines and read carefully and slowly to understand the meaning. Be careful not read each line slowly. There are several readers who read the same word several times and often the whole line several times. This process slows the speed tremendously and reduces the sense of what has read.

Managing the eye while reading is very cruel. Some readers face difficulties because their eyes jump over the place while reading. By reading each issue will not increase the reading comprehension. Rather, it creates loose strength. Determine which sentence to read slowly is important to readers.

What is a good speed to read can be a question? But it is very hard to say. Sifts are different between readers. Some readers can read 700 words per minute. The average readers can read 350-500 words per minute. But somewhat less than 200 words are considered poor speed. The reader should not be too worried about speed. Because it increases with exercises.

Attention is perhaps the most important factor in speed monitoring. Read and read as if it matters. No matter how much you learn, you can not add your rate unless you have the correct attention in reading. That is why experts give such great satisfaction to these factors compared to others.


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