Couples Challenges – The Series – Effective Navigating the Lifestyle Aka Swinging

Many couples occur in their relationship when emotions of boredom and monotony begin to come in. The couple start to feel like they have lost spices and spontaneity that once came so easily. Now they have to work for the same tension and tend to make things seem boring and old. This problem is especially noted in the bedroom. Sex has changed the same day as the day out. That's if sex is still in the picture.

In response to this "crisis in the bedroom," many couples start discussing their sexual relationships with others. As an attempt to refresh things and resurrect the dying flame, the idea of ​​having sex with others seems a viable option. After all, it would definitely be something new and possibly exciting. This reasoning is very difficult and dangerous to follow if not made sense.

Included are some quick tips I've collected over the years to work with couples who have introduced couples advice on versions of Lifestyle Drive Swing and how to navigate this Minfield successfully.

1. Is this really about sex or something else? Have many highly disagreeed conversations with your partner about the concerns that lead them to take on such risky tasks. Perhaps exploring these interests with a therapist will help to remember true wishes and help ensure that the intention is clean. For example, if you are looking to get into lifestyle because you lose love with your partner and this is a way to make the relationship acceptable, then this is the wrong reason and trouble comes with.

2. Your marriage / relationship always comes first: Under no circumstances should another person or lifestyle generally bring your spouse. You must come into this adventure as a couple and always be a couple. Do not let anyone or something understand you two or try to threaten your marrial bond.

3. Both must be willing participants: It is important that both partners want to take this route. If one of you is on the fence about it; Wait and do not go on. Again, talking to tolerance, open minded therapist might be useful in exploring hesitation and fear and helping communicate these concerns with your partner.

4. Clear and open communication: Participating in Lifestyle successfully is going to take the clearest communication you've ever done in your life. You need to be able to discuss your likes and dislikes, your dose and not, your fear and concern just to name a few. And your spouse must hear you. If you do not feel like hearing, you will not feel safe and put on the brakes.

5. Make the rules: Write an agreement with what's ok and not okay. This deal needs to be very accurate and try to explore all possible situations. Let nothing be uncoovered.

6. Join the Lifestyle Chat Room: Talk to other couples who are successful in Lifestyle. Find out what they are doing to do it and discuss your concerns and see what they need to say. This can help to relieve fear and introduce ideas that two of you may not have thought about.

7. Practice Safe Sex: Like you, your partner needs to know that security is always honored. It's enough for you to handle as it is. Do not add this easy solution into the mix.

8. Create a security word: Get a word or phrase that ends when everything is said. Under circumstances, circumstances and circumstances, when this word is said, you both quit what you are doing, thank your new friend for the time and let you get in touch with your spouse in a safe place. You can either say the word anytime and it must be respected. If it is not, then it will be the end of Lifestyle.

9. Ask how your partner is feeling: Constant check-in with your partner about how they feel. Sensitivity to their feelings is what helps to create security. It shows that they are your lifestyles.

Effective navigation on Lifestyle is extremely difficult to do. Again, take time to explore your interest carefully to get into your lifestyle to begin with. Make sure these interests are honest and not a threat to the relationship. Lifestyle can be fun when done properly and incredibly destructive when not.

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