Becoming your best self – 5 barriers to personal growth

When we face personal growth and development, focusing on becoming our best self and living our lives in integrity, we constantly run into a scandal that lasted us for some time. Here are the most common such obstacles:

1. Not willing to take responsibility.
I believe there are 5 steps to healing and the first one is to take responsibility for everything in your life. While it's a hard term for many to buy absolutely, it's important to realize that unless you take responsibility for what's in your life today, you can not claim that you can change anything in the future. It's just so simple. Most of us are resurrected in an environment where we are taught that we are improper tools that are bigger and stronger than us (parents, teachers, government, economy, "the man"). All this happens is to make sure we feel sick and weak. Choosing to be in that place eliminates some need for action and for most of us, it's a convenient place to stay. (Please note that bad people get bad, but without understanding, at higher levels, this experience helped us grow in some way, we will always be the victim of the person or the event that accompanies.) Great first Step is taking responsibility for your answers to what's happening in your life.

2. Focus on the surface area (hafings).
Of course, the process of self-growth and development is one that is deep. While we all want to change "things" in our lives, the only way to make these changes is to change ourselves, both our attitudes and our actions. Because of this, when we emphasize things instead of ourselves, we almost always face mistake. In my experience, change is never formed by focusing on things (and the people who give them). It holds us in that state not having what we want. It also relates to the inability to take responsibility. It keeps us on the surface of life and very few changes that I know about happening on the surface.

3. Keep the past current.
The only place for the past is in the past. I'm often surprised when people started talking about something that happened twenty years ago with all the anger and frustration more difficult than if it happened yesterday. We must be happy to solve all these old events and cure all relationships (or at least from the impact of these relationships). Our goal in this field is to talk about old events in a "fee-neutral" voice. There are many experiences in my life that I can talk about steadily with work and want to go beyond my feelings. Indeed, while I know that experience causes me much sorrow or anger, I can no longer refer to the feeling at all. When you are at that point, the past is truly in the past.

4. Constantly fearing the future.
Another way we encounter us is to be constantly afraid of what's going to happen tomorrow. This is especially useless and waste so much of our precious energy. We pester us with "what if" and when we go down that way, the possibilities become bigger and overwhelming. The net effect is that we are lame today. This is particularly unfortunate as 98% of them "what if" never happens. The best way for the future is to create a plan so that you know what action you will take if there is any special risk. The problem with most worries this morning is that we never ignore the negative events we are afraid of will happen. As soon as you start to look at the solutions or actions you'll take if it happens, you get your control and authority.

5. Inability to be & # 39; available & # 39; in here and now.
Live in the present. Stay in modern times Emphasize here and now. There are many ways to say that, and you hear it all over. The only place to live right now. By being aware at any moment, we begin to experience life on a new level. We release tons of energy that allows us to live every moment in full. If we live every moment in our lives like that, our days would spread forever. Our choices would all be relevant at the moment, all we know up to this point. Living in this way keeps us connected to God and the universe. We are only at once with all that is currently. That's the only way you can. Think about going in the past or in the future in the same way you think about driving and entering the invasion. You go into autopilot and go back to the roadway without bribery, no confirmation, nothing that prevents you from driving in the right lane for the rest of the journey. When you find yourself out of the moment, just get back in the same way.


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