Basic and advanced acceleration technology

Speed ​​reading is a collection of methods and techniques that help you increase your reading speed to a noticeable amount without compromising your understanding and retention. The exercise has gained a lot of popularity over time, because almost all students and working professionals have to read and understand many information in a very short period of time.

In order to continue to be updated and consuming such large-scale information every day, more and more people are adopting high-speed technology. Methods and methods include skimming and meta guidance and exclude subconsciousness and rehabilitation. Initially, it involves fast reading by choosing the right environment, sitting in a comfortable position and reading fun stuff, but as it goes beyond some other advanced methods that are harder than the other ones.


Speed ​​technology can be divided into two parts – basic and advanced. Basic technology is followed by beginners, but advanced technology is followed by those who have already learned the basics and are now ready to break up their poor trainings. Unlike most other talents, this is a custom ability to read speed over time, after continuous and sincere efforts. But as the process goes, you can find prominent results and see the difference between your train speed.

Basic Technology

The basics of reading methods to improve your reading speed include choosing a right and peaceful environment where you can easily sit in your favorite post and read fun reading material. You can choose a place in your home or university library or cafe as needed and wishes. Having enough oxygen intake, good vision and focusing on and maintaining your focus are other factors that help you increase your reading speed naturally.

Together with this you should stop typing yourself to sign the text. Most people do this, especially those who are very slow readers. When you undo, you take more time reading and understanding text. When you speak a particular word, it is repeated by your mind and you take longer to understand it.

Advanced Reading Technique

Advanced reading technology with advanced speed is to write text and read the blocks of the text, use your finger or cursor with the limb view and release the repetition.

* Skimming is the process of finding those words or phrases on a page that provide evidence of the meaning and message of the page. This comes naturally in some, but most people gain this skills with continued work.

* Meta guide is a technical name to use a pointer or a finger to find text. This helps to focus on the text so you can move faster depending on the length of the passage.

* Reader text blocks are good for improving reading speed and comprehension. You can start exercising by not reading and trying to reduce it every time you read it.

* The most effective method is not to read the text. When you have a certain section of text, do not skip again. It reduces your train speed and takes a very long time to complete the text of the text.

If you continue to practice fast reading technology, you will notice changes in your train speed in a very short period of time.


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