Average reading speed – are you good enough?

The average reading rate varies in different ages. It is recommended the number of words you can read in one minute. For children taking elementary education, average speed is recorded at 200 words per minute. Among adults, the average speed is 250 words per minute, only a few hooks are higher than the speed considered to be basic and average among children. Although this speed is still known for the great corresponding understanding and understanding level, you need to read in this space a long time to read a large amount of information.

However, times have been slower than average speeds of 200 words per minute. Speed ​​below 100 words per minute is considered a signal of basic test capability. This poor ability can be caused by low levels of reading experience and maximum level of repetition, undergrowth and hypotension. For readers aged 6 to 12 years, reading speed is 100 to 200 words per minute. Adults who avoid reading can also show this reading rate.

After graduating from high school, the average reading rate is between 250 and 350 words per minute. In this ratio you can track individual regressions and understanding is over 50%. If your performance is 350 to 500 words per minute, you are considered to be an average reader. Your interest in reading can help you achieve this speed. Over 75% understanding and understanding is known for the success of 500 to 800 words per minute. If your average reading speed is 800 to 1000 words per minute, you're a great reader. Individuals who achieve this rate have usually submitted a comprehensive reading role and identify a minimum of negative. Regular rules have also been ruled out among these outstanding readers. Understanding and celebrities are high.

Have speeds over 1000 words per minute that person has dedicated attention, focus and effort to routine and deliberate exercises on exercises and exercises to read speed.


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