Anatomy and Physiology exam – Tips on how to pass

To pass your anatomy and physiology exam, it is important that you understand the body and how it works. It must not be as difficult as it appears first. As long as you have the right information, it can become less worrisome, anxious time.

Following are some tips that help you pass your anatomy and physiology exams;

1. Have organized and organized audit.
Before you start reviewing, you must write out the schedule and date. This is very important. When you have a plan written in front of you, the amount of work you need to achieve can not be as overwhelming. An example of a plan might be:

Subject start date End date
Skin 14 March 18 March
Nervous system March 19, March 24

2. Have a wide range of questions to test you.
Multiple choice questions are the ideal way to learn this difficult subject. There should be one question with four possible answers and only one answer must be selected. Therefore, there is no room for error.

3. Write many choices of your questions on video cards.
Review cards are great because they are small enough to carry with you during the day. Take roughly 20-30 questions a day and write this out on the cards. Whether you're on the train to go to work or queue at the bank, take your questions and learn them over and over again.

4. Complete the training steps through the program. Puzzles and quizzes are a great way to learn different concepts and functions of anatomy and physiology. Take quick quizzes over and over until you're sure about the area you're studying.

Having a good textbook on anatomy and physiology is an important part of any study program. If you have it, along with your review plan, you will find that these anatomy and physiology programs may not be so scary after all.


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