Analysis of the accelerator process

Most people do not know "fast reading" technology or methods for reading efficiency, so they face many problems while reading long texts. People who are not good speed readers continue to understand the passage and can not learn very quickly. Many people find that they need to read the same way over and over to understand correctly. Finally, slow reading (or even just plain reading) takes on efficiency and can promote a lack of knowledge, interest and even self-confidence. Speed ​​reading is very useful skill and can help you in many areas of life.

Like other language skills, quick reading is a complex skill that involves a number of simultaneous actions. Understanding during reading is, for example, a complex process where the brain must use some different skills at once. We know very little about a complex mental process related to learning and language usage in the brain. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to learn how to read faster, because unfortunately it is a question of exercise. You can learn speed reading and improve understanding gradually.

Quick reading is very useful in learning new skills and getting information about world events and events. When a reader reads a book, or even just one way faster than usual, he or she not only saves time, but also improves his understanding.

Good reading means understanding the words, sentences and sentences, as well as evaluating (and utilizing) structures in writing. Speedreaders have the ability to take complete phrases or groups of words at a time and fully understand them. At the highest level of skills, speed reading, excellent understanding of text can be achieved, no matter what the text's content is.

Once you have read enough, you will be familiar with possible combinations of words and phrases that you will be able to work with any text.

Most readers can already guess the meaning of strange words simply by paying attention to the context. Often it is difficult to find specific words, but in all appropriate literature, when the reader gets to a certain place, the meaning is clear and before the exact definition of all strange words can be clearly understood. Advice on a dictionary is always a good idea, but dictionaries are most effective to confirm understanding already achieved. It is common to find the meaning of new words in learning fast reading.

Quick readers read quietly and judge words in mind without moving products. Good readers who have the ability to understand texts can distinguish between writers and factual statements. They can easily understand the theme of the case and can find content phrase sentences. Good readers understand not only the understanding of the case but can reduce the writer's mood, eg serious, funny, sarcastic, etc.

It's common for quick reading, the reader will skip the passage of text and will not absorb or completely understand the text. But in reality, no quicker learns text lines. It only looks that way because they move so quickly.

Speed ​​readers actually read everything. Most reading misunderstandings is based on the idea that reading is a solid and irreversible process. In truth, fast reading is simply another method of reading – one more effective and efficient than regular reading. As you read speed, your brain will start to get faster – faster than you thought before.

Anyone with speed load capacity has a great opportunity to succeed in today's world. Reading is emphasized as constantly as the method of education, adultery and general information assumes that it is impossible to avoid illiteracy. Speed ​​reading can give everyone an excellent advantage.


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