A Speed ​​Reading Tip-Speed ​​Reading Using The Unconscious Brain

In the previous article, I explained how conscious brain is limited to working only seven chunks of data at once. Too little information for someone to quickly read. You also discovered that the secret of great fast reading was your brain's ability to process information at a unconscious level. In this article, I will unveil the secret of turning on your brain's great computers so you can start to experience the power that is released by reading speed.

Learn that igniting an unconscious mind is simple if you understand how it works all day long. Imagine you're in a shopping mall for leisure. There are thousands of people mulling around the mall. Suddenly you spot the familiar face. Perhaps it's a neighbor, friend, brother or sister. Think about this. For the brain to spot the familiar face of the group, it also had to analyze and look at all strangers faces. So how does this work?

When your brain is a known face in the group, your brain determines that their presence is important to you. It is a purposeful meeting with someone who is meaningful to you. Once the importance of the meeting is determined, your unconscious brain describes your conscious brain. It communicates with your conscious brain that the importance of the individual is seen and you have to go over and say hello. This same system can be used while reading speed if you know a simple policy. Let us study this policy next.

A simple trend that will take part in your brain while reading is easy to learn. It is a fact that you can summarize with four words: read with purpose. The password in this group is the wording. A purpose is involved in unconscious brain. It gives it something to look for and emphasize. It relates to how you saw a familiar face in the mall sample. People who matter to you are big enough for your brain to seek all the time. Similarly, when you give your brain a reason to search for specific information in text, the same nervous system is involved. This is a mechanism that allows the reader's speed to scan text at a fast pace to find important information. When important information is viewed by unconsciousness, it suggests you to notice. Just as it warned you of the presence of a familiar face in the mall. Indeed, correctly taught, this system can be used to double the reading speed in just about 2 hours.


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